Eye-Fi camera memory

Anyone use these? I’ve been thinking I might pick one up, but they cost a bit extra and I’d like to hear others’ impressions.

If you use Picasaweb extensively, Google has an offer where you can get a free Eye-fi by buying a year’s worth of 200GB storage ($50).

I think the key thing isn’t how well it works (seems to do the job although you can expect to have to do some fiddling to get it set up) but a matter of “do you really need it?”. If you are constantly on the go, constantly without a laptop and constantly needing to upload pictures via hotspots, then it might be a good option. Alternately, say you frequently take a lot of pictures in small batches for your work. The time saved in automatically uploading wirelessly might be something worth looking at.

Overall I think Eye-fi is one of those “wow why didnt I think of that” ideas that actually turned out to be a little less practically awesome in reality than in the imagination.

You’ll need a modern camera to take advantage of it, i.e. the latest models of DSLR’s etc as older models doesn’t work that well with them from what I’ve read. The latest models have special menus for the Eye-Fi cards and they won’t shut off during a file transfer, which some older cameras might.