Eye-popping pictures of Big and Little "S"

there are these things called Wonder Bras!!

I have some experience in matters of the bust and would like the opportunity to see these so-called eye-popping pics for myself to determine if the girls are indulging in wadded-up kleenex in bras, or if they in fact got their bosoms done.

Me too, I am an expert at those as well, but then it looks alright in the picture (as in padding bras) You can tell better if there is a swim-suit pix of little S. Most of my expertise was involved with touching the object.

What’s the point of getting your teats enlarged if your mouth looks like the crack in a pie?
Or maybe that’s exactly the point. What a pair of woof-woofs.

nose job, tummy tuck, liposuction (whatever that means!), fanny tuck, chin tuck, double chin tuck tuck (done on the island of Tuk in Micronesia while riding in a Thailander Tuk Tuk truck), eye job, blow job, penis enlargement, breast enlargements…is there anything we humans haven’t thought of yet?

Like… face transplants? Yuck!

I don’t know if you’ve seen this already, but if not, read it and weep…or cringe


Taking faces off of dead people? I’m sure the people who would be willing to donate their faces, probably aren’t the kind of people you want to look like anyways. And what if you get mistaken for that person? Especially by a group of thugs that the donor owed money to? No thank you.

Xiao S used to look quite attractive before donning her recent ‘lesbian’ look. For insights into previous incarnations, this is a must:


I think even she would admit that the braces and pierced eyebrow probably represent an all-time low in her life.

How does one get to be a TV hostess in Taiwan?

Does Little S do anything besides pose for goofy photos?

What are the subjects of the nine books by TV host Mickey Huang?

Love the caption on Big S’s t-shirt (Big X if you follow Hanyu Pinyin):

SLIT: Sexual Reflection

The point, though, is that if you’re desperate enough to have someone else’s face, your own is probably nothing to write home about either.

One of my aunt’s neighbors had – accidentally – had a bucket of flaming gasoline thrown on him when he was a small child. He would probably be a primary candidate for this type of surgery, although he seemed well-adjusted and happy enough back then.

Sounds like yet another John Woo film in the making!

Would that be this Sunday’s Apple, or last Sunday’s? If it’s this Sunday’s, easy enough to check! (only 10 NT)

By the way, I don’t think much of Big S, but Little S is actually pretty talented when it comes to improvisation. Sometimes she just sort of ‘goes off’ in an early Robin Williams-esque way, and you know she’s speaking from the Muse, not pre-rehearsal.

the “s” sisters: all the evidence one needs that chinese girls blossom,bloom and fade way too quickly.


Really?? Hmm… I’ve been told that I look like 18 and they still check my ID when entering the club…so no, this statment doesn’t stand.

Not really, as there was never any evidence either was ever attractive in the first place. Those girls are the walking definition of “plain Jane”. Evidence that a person doesn’t need to be good-looking to be TV show host, if evidence of anything at all.

Mod Lang,
You’re a picky bugger, aren’t you. I think they are rather nice; the kind you wouldn’t mind eating food off. :smiley:

And what’s wrong with a plain Jane? If you had ever had a “Wolverine Jane” you would know what I’m talking about. :shock:

Maybe he’s disappointed because we still haven’t gotten those eye-popping photos that were promised by the title of hte thread, just as we never got the photo looking up A-Mei’s shorts (sandman :imp: ). This whole forum is starting to be one big disappointment after another. :frowning:

You should have come to the last Forumosa Happy Hour, Attendance has its rewards.


I thought you are 18!? Don’t tell me you are still under age … :wink: :smiley: