Eyeballing - For or Against?

I too, feel that it is an invasion of my privacy and the invasion of everyone elses privacy. Finally gave in and tried it - didn’t like seeing my name up there! It certainly makes me think twice about checking out threads in the future. Too bad because so many times threads are not neccesarily what they initially appear to be and one can miss out on interesting stuff! :?

The problems well outweigh the benefits.

I guess it will be pulled (unless my vote is weighted).
My question is “Why do you care if someone can see that you visited a topic X number of times?”
Why not stop putting total number of posts for each member? Think of what people are thinking (“4,000 posts? Sandman has no real life; he must be a loser,” “24 posts? Newbie must not know shit.”).
In the general newspaper thread:
wolf_reinhold – views: 9
MikeN – views: 17
Who is this MikeN? Never heard of him? Is he a spy? Does he have some OBSESSION with this thread? Is he a psychotic? He has nearly twice the number of view that Wolf has and we KNOW he’s a basket case…

Who cares? :unamused:

The need of such a feature is lost on me. In fact I find it a bit offensive and bordering on paranoia in its application. Its best to leave that information in the background. Anybody with any a shred of common sense knows that data like this is there and easy to collect, but nobody wants to confront it daily. At best this information is of value to marketeers and statistacians whom one can, realtively easily, put off. When thrust upon a free, expressive, often critical community what purpose does it serve? Is Maoman (and I use this popular moniker to refer to any moderator, member, or guest) going to sell me aluminum siding or build a case for Judge Roy Cohn. I’d prefer niether.

I say, stick a finger a in the eye.


Careful Miaka, its when Father Time takes a dump. Don’t step in it.


If you could find out what topics any particular person clicks on and what time of day they do it and how many times they do it, you could somehow build a psychological profile and then provide a button that they could click on to find out how they could improve themselves or what their fortune might be. Eventually you could predict what they are likely to do in the future and then ban them preemptively.

No eyes for me, thank you.

Judging from the response, I think it is safe to say that we will be removing this feature as soon as possible. :smiley:

I’m with the majority on this one. And what about all the folks who read this but didn’t comment? This is an important issue, they should be PMed and forced to comment - after all, we know they were here. Come on, you guys. Stop hiding behind your anonymity.

I think some of them just don’t care…

Are there 50 mods on Forumosa now? Because my “eye” button says that 50 people have viewed this topic. Not quite what I pictured the “private forum” to be…

This is feedback forum. It’s open to all.

I feel naked under those eyes… I am afraid to post now… when will that be taken off?


I knew you were going to say that, Richard.

I’m surprised to hear that’s a problem for you. :wink: :laughing:

I’m surprised to hear that’s a problem for you. :wink: :laughing:[/quote]

there is a different between I feel naked and I am naked… :laughing:

The real question is how long has this statistical information been available to the mods and will it remain available to them after this? If the mods have been checking out our viewing behavior for years, then this eyeball feature is just a way of making that information available to everyone, not just mods.

It’s a new feature - mods did not have access to it before either. When we get rid of it, mods won’t have access to it either.

get rid of it.

I don’t know - it’s such a close call in the polls… :laughing: :wink:
We will get rid of it, don’t worry. Tech Admin is having difficulties getting online access. (Ironic, isn’t it…) :mrgreen: