Eyebrow threading in Taipei or Taoyuan

I always got it done with thread but if not possible here, please suggest what else can be done to get eyebrows shaping done and where. Highly appreciate your response.

You can actually get your eyebrows and any unwanted facial hair threaded for cheap in some night markets, but I really don’t recommend that because I’m not sure how sanitary it is. You should go to a salon to have them done by a professional. They usually do some combination of waxing, trimming, and/or shaving. Microblading is also becoming more and more popular here if that’s something you need or desire.

Before I make any specific recommendations, I think it prudent to mention that East Asian people tend to have a pretty specific type of eyebrow hair, growth pattern, and shape, and so the professionals here have much more experience catering to the local “breed” of eyebrow, so to speak.

Would you say that your brows are vastly different from the typical East Asian person’s brows? Would you be able to describe what you want in Mandarin, or do you need someone who speaks English?

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I got mine in Xindian, which is a bit far from Xinzhuang. Very clean, I usually get both face and eyebrows done.

That said, current fashion here and what most salons do is shaving and semi or permanent tattoo/microblading eyebrows. Pretty cool and lasting.

And as said, you can always try traditional places here. I know of a couple of places in Shilin night market where they do threading, massage, pedicures, the works.

Hi Hanna149,

I prefer English speaking, and will definitely prefer saloon as I got sensitive skin. I’ve never done Microblading. Please share name and address of Saloon if you know where I can go this weekend. Thanks in advance…I was in desperate search for it :slight_smile:

Hi Icon,
Thanks for your reply. Please if you can share the details of the parlour in Xindian (name, address and phone) will help me a lot.

Also where in Shilin night market? Any landmark as I’m not yet well versed with places here. It will take some time.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

You should definitely try the eyebrow tattooing. It really looks great especially when it’s done with dark ink.


Right across from the Shilin cinema.

You sure about Xindian? Pretty far out for you. I am hoping someone will suggest a place closer to you. Oh and it is not English speaking. But she is good and affordable.

It is quite fashionable with guys in Taiwan too.

The salons I know are a bit far away from Xinzhuang, too…

I know there’s some counters at the malls and even at certain Watson’s where they’ll shape your brows, but I’m not sure about finding someone who can speak English.

OP, do you have or can you obtain a photo of what kind of eyebrows you want?


Bus 644 from Boai Road in taipei or any station along green line MRT up to Qizhang.

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we have recently shifted in Taipei this Jun, 2019. Please anyone can suggest place/parlour to get eyebrows threading in new Taipei city. I’m currently in xinzhuang district.
All threads are 4yrs old on this topic, so not sure about it.
Any suggestions , please…

Thanks Icon.

Learn something new every day. Never heard of eyebrow threading before. At least you aren’t lasering them off and redrawing them two inches too high. So many woman here look in a constant state of surprise. Looks ridiculous.

The place in Raohe Street Night Market is still there.

Hi Tripta,

Did you end up checking out one of the eyebrow threading places that were suggested to you. If so, could you please let me know of your experience. Looking to have my eyebrows threaded around Taipei as well.

Thank you!

It this place still around? Anyone else been to it recently?

Yes. the lady usually travels a lot but not lately. If you live in Xindian I can also recommend an eyebrow tattoo parlor.

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Any place near Dongmen MRT station?

Oh, thank you, but I think I’ll stick to the temporary stuff. Btw, do you recall the lady’s name? Is she the owner of the salon? Thank you.

@Icon, oh, also does this lady know some English? Thks!