F-5 pilot killed in crash

My wife and I were walking beside Flowing Water Lake at that exact time, watching the jets flying by to their landing at the Air Force base. Condolences


Those jets are 40 years old they should be retired
I read one engine failed on takeoff which shouldn’t result in a crash but …

Taiwan is building jet trainers
Not a minute too soon

The F5s should be in museums


There’s a F-5 on display at the park right next to our house and the only place to see those aircrafts in the US are in museums…

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Man those things are old. But very very small so very hard to see…

sorry to hear that he was not able to eject safely.

He ejected but not safely. He may have died during the ejection. Ejection is very VIOLENT and if not done when the aircraft is at the right angle of attack it can be deadly.

Ejection is a last ditch effort to save one’s life and is not to be taken lightly. It has in quite a few cases resulted in fatality of the pilot.


I believe the US never had F5 in an active combat ready role. They had similar looking jets that but were T38 Talon trainers. And not too long ago two were landing side by side and something happened to one of them and it landed upside down and the pilots were killed. Leading the US AF to question whether they should practice side by side landings at all in peacetime.

I was in Tainan last weekend and there was a lot of scrambling of jet fighters going on. This guy won’t be the last casualty, sadly.

They don’t have the parts to even maintain these planes properly.


A very long time ago a child tommy watched Taiwan’s then top fighter the F5E perform in the ROCAF version of the Blue Angels during Double Ten.

And i forget whether it was five jets or six jets doing a fleur de lis but apparently they were too close to the ground. And i saw one jet fly very low, aiming for the ground to do an upside down loop but … i didnt see it come back up to the air. The rest of the squad tightened up in formation and flew one circle and then left. It was apparent an accident had occurred. It was later reported the plane went straight into the tamsui riverbank. Too low and inverted the pilot could not eject and died instantly.

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i thought most F5 were based in hualian and / or Taitung ? I thought tainan had the IDF and Mirage 5 were in hsinchu? whats the latest deployment?

Oh I have no idea what planes they were. we were playing footy and they were scrambling next to us.

they need to be mothballed NOW.


Quite a few in static displays around the country, very interesting history, http://taiwanairpower.org/af/f5.html, a couple have even defected to China with one on display in Beijing!

Above is 5230 in Longtan. Below is 5261 which crashed, RIP 朱冠甍.

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Observers have speculated that yesterday’s crash might be linked to its 40 years in service and accumulated flying time of 6,260 hours.

The US Air Force’s B-52 bombers have been in service since 1952, but are still used in many military operations, Peng said.

Speculators should not attribute yesterday’s crash to the age of the F-5E, as that would be an insult to the air force’s maintenance staff, Peng said, adding that new aircraft still has risks of accidents.

Comparing the US B-52s to Taiwan’s F-5s is :roll_eyes:

Just look at Goose in ‘Top Gun.’


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Insult to maintenance staff? The same staff who have to pay for parts out of their own pocket because the Air Force has no money.


Taiwan needs to spend 5% of the GDP like Israel. The threat of China is very real. The war never ended. We have the advantage of defending an island. But air superiority is a must, China is close enough to do constant fly bys.


Hey, the U.S. is selling F-35s…to the UAE.

Yet Taiwan can defeat China?


It’s a disgrace how poorly the government and the population treat the military.

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Problem is it might be too late if China forces the issue.

Taiwan squandered its opportunity to build up a capable defense. It has had the money and the ingenuity for decades.

Are you asking if I’m insulting the maintenance staff? If so, no. It’s the government who hasn’t been funding the military sufficiently.

Also, the B-52 is a very different type of plane than the F-5E so I’m surprised that anyone experienced would make such a comparison. I don’t know who this “former flight safety consultant” is but I hope the Taiwan Air Force isn’t relying on his advice.

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