(F)lyin' Ted Cruz

You need to understand what you are looking at first, you seem to think you know and are one of the most vocal ones on here, but I don’t think you understand what you are looking at all, might be a good time to ask good questions rather than think you have all the answers.

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Fair enough.

What do you think turns the GOP dumpster fire around? I’m asking seriously. They just lost several states they had no business losing, the Senate flipped, and Texas will be next after Cancun Cruz gets bounced out of office. What do you recommend for them?

You are working under the assumption that the establishment Republicans care they are in the minority. Or that the Democrat’s flag is flying over the Presidency, Senate and House. Ridding themselves of the imposter in the White House was more important than all of that.

Anyway, back to this thread, I never liked Ted Cruz much, kudos to AOC for outmaneuvering him. I think he will probably face a primary challenger and who knows maybe Texas can find someone better than Ted Cruz to Represent the Republican party.


Surely, it cant be hard to find something more evolved than a slime mold. Lets just hope its not an even more extreme religious nutjob.

Lets just be thankful this whole story is only about escaping the cold for the tropical sun rather than policies and propaganda about murdering babies, elementary school students, middle school students or pre adult students, racism, environmental disasters, disease spreads and etc…aka, important news.

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I am from Texas. Cruz has been an ass for a long time. A majority of Texans will chose him again over a Democratic opponent. My brother in Texas loves the guy even though Rafael (Ted’s real name) pushes issues my brother is totally against. For example Cruz threatened to vote against tax cuts unless tax deferred college funds could be used for private grade schools. Cruz goes where the donations take him.

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Bite. The. Tongue.

No dirt on Rafael?

An AOC photo op?

Still, you think?

Did like HW Bush’s reaction to Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait. He declared Saddam wasn’t going to interrupt his golf game, and kept on playing, but so obviously hated being there and was longing to be on a flight to Washington to start springing into action. Every time he swung at the ball he looked like he was smacking Saddam in the head.

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“If you killed Ted Cruz on the Senate floor, and the trial was in the Senate, no-one would convict you.”- Lindsay Graham.

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In Texas all you have to say is “bring your guns, we are huntin socialists”… Cruz will get elected again.

Even Lyin; Ted admits the conservative principles he supported don’t work:

This is WRONG. No power company should get a windfall because of a natural disaster, and Texans shouldn’t get hammered by ridiculous rate increases for last week’s debacle.
State and local regulators should act quickly to prevent this injustice.

-Ted Cruz, Feb 21, 2020.


SenatorTed Cruz is running for re-election on a platform that includes advocating for energy deregulation

-Ted Cruz election platform 2018


This aged well.

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So much hate on Ted. In the past month, he has admitted he made a mistake twice, for two major gaffes. He is now embarking on an apology tour, something that Trump (or Cuomo) would never dream of doing. I think that will appeal to quite a number of his constituents.

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In the dry language of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Texas, which maintains its own grid to avoid federal regulation, was hit with a cold-weather event “unusually severe in terms of temperature, wind, and duration.” This forced the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, to resort to “system-wide rolling blackouts to prevent more widespread customer outages.” Unfortunately, “generators and natural gas producers suffered severe losses of capacity despite having received accurate forecasts of the storm.” ERCOT had reserves in anticipation of the storm, but those “reserves proved insufficient” once the cold hit. Many generators had “failed to adequately apply and institutionalize knowledge and recommendations from previous severe winter weather events, especially as to winterization of generation and plant auxiliary equipment

The report recommended that “all entities responsible for the reliability of the bulk power system in the Southwest prepare for the winter season with the same sense of urgency and priority as they prepare for the summer peak season.”

That was an FERC report from 2011. The power companies in Texas decided it would cost too much, and it was cheaper just to continue making donations to Republican politicians to look the other way.

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Especially now with a 10K USD electric power bill!

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Going down with ones ship certainly is historically common. But in practice, it isnt at all reality. Before, the ship had very little hope of survival…now, few that get rich stay in the slums. Few with the means to leave stay in places that are flooded, irradiated, barren, hot, cold or otherwise not comfortable. In times of risk, the big pubas that be are shipped off to bunkers and jets for safe keeping to carry out their tasks. So the old thinking is really just a, frankly dumb, way to get the sheep to keep sheeping.

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