F1 2019 season


Which channel on MOD shows the F1 races?


Apparently MOD thinks it’s a good idea to show the race at 10pm and have some basketball tournament on now instead.


I have yet to find a livestream that works :pensive:mind you it’s a little boring these days to be honest .


yeah positions hardly changed.


Robert Kubica is back?

Haven’t followed F1 for a while.

Alfa Romeo?



Small fact . Mercedes budget for 2019 450 Million Euros
Ferrari 430 Million Euros
Even Red Bull is 100 million euros behind , some Teams over 300 million euros behind.


Watched the race today, was great to see Bottas win so dominantly after a poor 2018 season. I usually go on Reddit to find streams, there’s specifics sub-reddits for motorsports streams which you can find easily if you Google them.


Here are the highlights for you. I hope the language is acceptable to you ?:wink:


another for @hannes to watch, sadly shows Lauda’s accident

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You in the video? That was a horrific accident.


Sorry no , I was only 15 then :wink:


What do they shovel the most money into?


Mercedes HPP , who make engines , employ 600 . Mercedes F1 Team employ another 600 …it adds up


Does Mercedes just have an unbeatable engine at the moment?
Ferrari hasn’t won shit since 2008…

I got back into it since I watched the new F1 documentary on Netflix lol.


Short version of the Race for those who missed it and were curious.


So… to those who watch this and also moto gp, is there one you prefer over the other, if so, why?


Moto GP is certainly exciting . Wait @Rockefeller …are you doing a thesis ?


Lol just exploring! I’m tired of March Madness, same old drama


Easier to overtake in MotoGP so positions can change a lot.


This is really good.