Face Behind the Name

while talking with another Segue member at the weekend the topic of the forum came up, as it usually does. Oh yes, we don’t have enough interesting things going on and we need to talk about Segue.

Anyway, we got to talking about the other members and the names that they use and wondered what these guys look like. Does the forum name make you think of a picture of what they look like??? I have a pretty good picture of what I think Wolf Reinhold probably looks like… “Tall, large (I’m not saying fat, just large), and he MUST have a beard”.
However, that being said I recently had my illusions of another poster shattered, I thought he would be a Huge, Muscular, blonde, but actually upon seeing him… he looks a little like Bill Gates.

Well, tell us what you think the other posters look like - let’s keep it clean though boys and girls. I don’t want to end up in the flame forum.

I’ll kick the ball off first ok…
Jeepers = Possibly mid 30’s - looks a little like Moby - dresses quite young, tries to keep hip and trendy. - Perhaps colors his hair- rather slim - spends far too much time online… Just a guess Jeepers, please don’t shoot me down.

Wolf: white dude, glasses, short, slender, doesn’t smile much.


"I hope you find joy in the great things in life

I like Moby, half the times, the other half I can’t understand what that fookin arrrrrrse is talkin’ 'bout. :slight_smile:

[quote=“wolf_reinhold”]“I hope you find joy in the great things in life — but also in the little things. A flower, a song, a butterfly on your hand, an anthrax spore, a midnight knock at your door.”
{Nellen Enivel}[/quote]

Good one, funny guy. I’ll bet deep down, you’re just a great big teddy bear. All you need is a little loving.


or his face will crack…

I know what most of the top ten look like, and almost all the moderators, except for you J!

I imagined wolf as tall and scrawny with pock marks and bad teeth. but he’s not at all. he does have a “marking” of some sort, however, but not a crater face like I’d imagined.

Alien: self confident, with don’t mess with me look or I will eat you alive :smiling_imp: , 30s … :laughing:

Alien: short, blueish-green, big lidless eyes and comes from “up there?”
Wolf: the type of guy who would frequent the moors, if taiwan had any?
Maoman: Jiang Zemin glasses, short pants, black socks to the knees and slip-on shoes?
Hexuan: red head with freckles, average build for a guinness swilling irishman?

Ponchi is olive-skinned, with a big black bouffant hairstyle and mutton chops. He wears trendy shiny clothing.

JGeer is skinny with long greasy hair, wears blue windbreakers, has yellowed dirty fingernails, and smokes ten packs a day. Lucky Strike. He speaks with a rasp.

Rascal is rotund and has a loud noxious laugh.

Mother Theresa carries a briefcase and has a habit.

monkey is late middle aged, speaks really quickly, and has “posturing” body language. He likes to stick his hands in his pockets and jingle his change…and blow his nose on a hanky, which he then wipes his brow with.

Man, I’m so glad I sent my Good Twin to all of those Happy Hours!

I only wear short pants on my days off. The rest of the time I wear trousers. :sunglasses:

Rascal: Tall, slightly plump German in his early forties. Jovial. Bottle of Heineken at the ready.

Amos: Tall, lanky Aussie, likes to look at the ladies, ladies like to look at him. He smiles a lot.

Monkey: Nicer-looking in pictures than in real life. A little bit smaller than the other guys on the playground, but makes up for it by trying twice as hard. Probably wears velour long-sleeved shirts in the winter. Has a bra in his closet given to him by a stripper at a stag party that he tries on once in a blue moon.

Hexuan: Hair always mussed. Athletic, but in a boyish way, not a macho way. Looks like a product of a British boarding school.

JGeer: Pretty much like Alien described him - greasy, stringy hair, yellow fingernails that need clipping. Probably very white and very skinny. Belly button is an “outie”, and kind of weird-looking.

JRC: A hottie in an elementary school teacher kind of way. Probably wears great sweaters. Very nice to everyone. All men want to kiss her when they first meet her.

Mucha Man: Strong, silent type. Used to be considered handsome, but is already past his prime. His hair is thinning a bit at the temples. Wears jeans and polo shirts when he goes out with his woman. Not a player. Good guy to have at your side in a fight.

Jeepers: This guy is no fun at parties until he’s had 5 beers, and then he’s a riot. Probably hyperactive in a foot-tapping, knuckle-rapping kind of way. Brown hair, average looking. Always thinks of witty things to say about 5 minutes after the conversation has ended. He’s smarter than people think he is.

Spack: Super earnest white male, probably from the bible belt. Average height, maybe a little short. Very likable until he gets into the sauce and then you just want him to go away.

Flipper: ABC guy, very fit, a little testy. Plays an aggressive game of basketball. Used to have long hair until he realized that it made him look nerdy - now he’s got a flattop. Drives a black sports car at home, takes taxis in Taipei.

B.B.: Attractive. Shoulder length hair, but rarely smiles. Fascinated by foreigners, she emulates them in her clothing style and in her mannerisms. Sometimes she is conscious of herself doing this and feels disgusted. Would like to change something about herself, but doesn’t know what or how to go about it.

Daltongang: 6 foot 5, very imposing. Wears plaid flannel shirts in the winter. Gets in your personal space when he’s feeling disagreeable. If you are his friend he’s a great guy, and very pleasant company. Make any disparaging remarks, though, and he’ll remember it forever.

Flicka: Short, pudgy, and very friendly. Probably drinks cocktails instead of beer. Chatty, but not gossipy. Was probably a lovely baby, will eventually be a cute old man.

Boy, I’m glad I avoided being the target of this kind of speculation by the simple expedient of posting an actual unretouched photo of myself as my avatar. Should be a law for everyone, I say. Mmm.

Spack: I think he is probably very short and more than a little plump. Has a rather large pointy nose. Likes to wear a Tux and waddles a little while walking. Looks a little like Danny Devito as the Penguin in the Batman movie. At McDonalds he always has the filet of fish burger. He lives with the freezer door open. Loves to eat shaved ice.

oops sorry I forgot. I compared Jeepers to Moby, actually I meant Fat Boy Slim.

Rascal is rotund

That’s not an insult, is it? :frowning: :wink:

… and has a loud noxious laugh.


Rascal: Tall, slightly plump German in his early forties. Jovial. Bottle of Heineken at the ready.

Germans don’t drink Heineken! And for the record: I am early thirties … :smiley:

I’m much uglier than any of you realise. See that picture of Van the Man in 1967 ? Think Van the Man in 1997 and you’re getting there. (Without the talent naturally)


Flicka: Short, pudgy, and very friendly. Probably drinks cocktails instead of beer. Chatty, but not gossipy. Was probably a lovely baby, will eventually be a cute old man.[/quote]

I doubt Flicka would appreciate being considered pudgy and I believe he’s a beer drinker, but the rest is true!

Cute old man Flicka!

Bassman: Slightly above average height, and not as much in shape as he would like to be but never has to worry about his weight. Short sandy hair, piercing blue eyes, clean-cut appearance, and dresses sharply in his own inimicable style. Generally wears a quizzical or ironically amused expression. Usually accompanied by a skinny, mischievous, extrovert, tattooed Chinese girl who is ten years or more younger than he is, and whom he treats like a princess. Not exactly good-looking, but a lot of xiaojies dote on him as if he were Brad Pitt.

How many of you’ve been to oriented happy hours?

Any fun? dull&boring? fun&cool? just weird?

Next one’s up on the 31st, wondering if I should checkit.

I’m not going this time.

I have found it fun and have had the chance to meet Alien, Cranky, Poagao and Maoman that way.

The mix between different types/professions is ok.