Facebook and instagram seems to be having problems with pictures

Pictures on Facebook and Instagram seems to be all unable to be viewed. I wonder how people would react if they lost all the pictures?

I thought that was just me and reset my WiFi settings a couple times. Then I realized I was having no problem accessing this site or anything else online.

The Zuckerbots must be malfunctioning tonight.

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And EVA Air Flight Attendants thought they had it bad before. :smirk:

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Can you imagine delivering that news? People take it seriously, some even make a living using it these days.

Thanks. I definitely thought it was just my connection.

Still down for me.

I was about to throw a tantrum over how shit internet in England is then I found out that Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp were all down.

But they are back again!
Yay! :happyrunningaround:

I saw it on social media, but I was already asleep when the problem occur so I haven’t notice the glitch.

seems to be working for me now.