Facebook change for the bad


Have you noticed the new Facebook smartphone change for pictures? When you upload multiple pictures, it only shows one picture in the post and then people have to swipe to see others. Previously it showed four or five pictures on the main post.


Change is hard. I never like when Facebook changes things mostly. But you just get used to it.


When I was in university I always used facebook, but I ended up hating it. I have not used it since I graduated in 2015. [insert disdainful look] :slight_smile:


Honestly I’ve gotten really tired of Facebook as well and really want to switch to twitter, but when 120% of the people you know don’t use it it’s hard to make that change.

Same goes for LINE. WhatsApp is superior by million fold but people here insist on using the garbage called LINE, or Facebook Messenger.


the reach limiting is the worst thing for me. i dont post much so hardly anyone sees when i do. i don’t actually mind using facebook to share some little things here and there but nobody sees my posts anymore. its almost pointless. so i use instagram more often, but thats even started limiting reach and is becoming quite an annoying app for other reasons too.


I hate how Instagram is now. I liked it better in chronological order.


I hate that there’s so many advertisements on Instagram now, otherwise it’s the best one out of the lot.


I’m checking Facebook less and less. It looks just like one big massive marketplace now when I’m viewing it from my laptop. And for some reason, I don’t get the latest updates when scrolling through my mobile.


Posts with more likes and comments by a lot of your friends, will more likely show up on your feed.

As opposed to some random store hole in the wall store you follow/like that has made an update about their store hours closing and has gotten one or two likes with no comments.

It kinda sucks because I would want to see all updates from all friends/likes, but I think that’s overdoing it. I’ve been on FB since you still needed a “.edu” e-mail address and I’ve accumulated a lot of liked pages. It might take awhile to scroll through my “likes”


I can’t tell for personal use, but for business purpose Twitter is miles better than Facebook. It is like Facebook suddenly gets very old and obsolete when you get used to Twitter.


But people don’t use twitter here