Facebook flirting, dereliction of household duty: divorce and Civil Code 1052, item 3


This is the text of a letter I just sent to one of the esteemed administrators of this section of FORUMOSA. The only information I hadn’t provided him is that my wife has worked 3 1/2 months out of the 14 years we have been married.

I hope that the fruits of my questions provide some help in this area of divorce. Here is the text.

It looks like my marriage is starting to head into divorce; and, I was hoping you would be willing to field a couple questions.

My questions are about facebook flirting, and dereliction of household duties; and, do these elements build a case for Taiwan's Civil Code 1052, item 3.
Background: Married 14 yrs. 2 kids 13 year old boy, 6 year old girl. 

My wife began becoming estranged after signing up 4 Facebook about 2 1/2 yrs. ago.  Last year she blocked all of her Taiwan and American family, me and her children as well from seeing her Facebook. 

During the slow progression to this blocking, she began texting obsessively all throughout the day.  So, I installed a keylogger on our family computer.

The bottom line is that she has some chats that go on for a couple days.  There a couple of chats where she is invited to, or asks to to meet the men.  On one, the guy asks her to meet for a drink at his office; she does while waiting for me to meet her after work.

Another is where she sets up a meeting at the place where she worked: a big major hotel.  She met him in the parking lot on the way there and sat in is car.

Question realm 2: She has never been spectacular at housekeeping and during the past 3 years she has shirked this responsibility hugely. The house is liveable, but there are piles everywhere.  Dry laundry piles sit unattended for months, and I conduct some business in the house.  I have some pictures taken over the past couple years. So, I have photographic evidence of the dereliction of the household (the cleaning aspect) and hard copies of many chats with other men.

Would these pieces of evidence offer any support to my side?

Thank you for your consideration in reviewing my questions.  And, best wishes for a Happy New Year.

~~~~~~~~~End of Text~~~~~~~~~

Shit dude, kinda sucks when terrible paranoia turns into amazing foresight. Good luck with that.

Is bad housekeeping grounds for legal action?
How about bad breath?
And unsexy undergarments?

Just curious, as I might want to plead guilty, and launch a countersuit.

Don’t you have to catch a cheating spouse in the act?

You’re asking about this because you’re interested in getting a divorce, right? And if she’s acting as you state it seems quite possible that she might be interested in a getting a divorce. If both parties agree then such civil code complications aren’t needed.

Has she said she does not want a divorce or expressed any other feelings on the matter?

Also, assuming you’re a foreigner, do you have permanent residency yet?