Facebook groups for second hand stuff

One thing I want to understand…

Why are people selling furniture on Facebook groups for selling second hand stuff with such a short notice?

For example: IKEA stuff, 1000nt, paid 4000nt for it. Must pick up before (insert a date/time that’s roughly tomorrow afternoon after you see it).

Do they not understand that probably 90% of the Taiwanese or foreigners don’t have a blue truck parked right outside their flat that they can use on a short notice, and that paying Steve the Mover 1000nt to move a 500nt furniture makes zero sense? Why can’t they sell their furniture with a little more time than just a couple of days? Do they really sell it like 2 days before their departure?

It’s almost always IKEA furniture as people realize it can’t be easily taken apart without damage and can’t be removed from the room it is in without being taken apart when they are close to their move date.

There’s also a lot of furniture that is advertised at silly prices and attracts no buyers so last minute ads are taken down and new ones put up with semi-reasonable prices. Always amazed at how some people think IKEA furniture doesn’t depreciate, regularly see it advertised for more than IKEA sell it for new!

Yea, next time I should put up this ad:

Bridgeport style mill, 15,000nt (paid 30,000). Need crane, big truck, and 3 phase power. Must move NOW. Weights 1000kg.

I don’t think anyone will bite.