Facebook Market Scam: Buying a Phone

Dear Moderators,

I’m not quite sure where to place this thread but I’m open to being transferred to the appropriate forum at your discretion to obtain the maximum help I can get. Thank you.

I wanted to buy a second-hand phone from a seller on the FB market. She’s from Taoyuan and I’m from Kaohsiung. It felt like she’s trustworthy so we agreed that she’ll send the phone by 7-11 and I’ll deposit 2500 and give her the rest after I inspect the phone. She sent the wrong phone and I think it is fake, does not turn on and it doesn’t have its charger (my charger doesn’t work on it). I have her FB account and line account (both of which may not be her real name or complete name and I’m not even sure if it is her on the picture) but due to my wrong instinct, I forgot to ask for her ID just to be sure before I proceed with the transaction. One spark of hope is that she has not blocked me and she said she will send the correct phone. But now, she only reads my messages but doesn’t reply when I ask her if she has sent the phone already. I’ve also asked for a refund.

Is there anything I can do to make sure she sends the phone or get my money back?

Request: I already feel bad so please don’t make me feel worse by pointing out my mistake, which I already know. :frowning: But any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Check the Consumer Protection Committee website and fill up the Complaint Content form


Also , You can report this seller at Facebook Marketplace

And you can Read the Purchase Protection Policies of Facebook

More info


If you don’t receive the right phone soon, then just go to police.

If they figure out the online presence is faked, they might track that person down using the package you received (checking 7-11 surveillance cameras, date and time + store it was sent from should be linked to the package).