Facebook Spam Attacks - Loan Companies

Just curious, any Facebook (business page) user here getting these annoying comments by loan services? It’s like every day now for me. Report them, ban them, hide the comments. Next day they are back with another handle. F*ck those clowns.

Btw. when I do this:

the comments still remain, and I have to delete them one by one, dozens of them.

What a waste of time.


I’m getting spammed with text messages with loans and all that…

It’s annoying as hell.

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I have the same problem. Usually two loan companies at the time spamming dozens of posts.

How to solve without deleting individual comments one by one.

Go to one of the spammed posts: click on the dot dot dot thing at the top right of the post.
Click “moderate comments”
check the comment/s you want to delete.
Go to the bottom and click “delete”
Another box will come up giving you the option of banning user who made the comment.
Once you do that, all the comments the user made on other posts will also be deleted.

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Cool, thanks so much, didn’t know that you are supposed to go to the dot dot dot at the top…

Well problem is I get text messages on my phone from loan companies… I don’t know how to stop that. They use a different phone number every time they send a text. Gotten like 10 of them yesterday.

They constantly phone me.

you sure they aren’t debt collectors?

I gotten robotic calls for election too.

Unless 車貸 means debt collector, then no.

I got a robocall from Terry Gou once.

No debt collectors, I’d expect that debt collectors wouldn’t be so quick to hang up on me the minute I say an English word.

They’re quite rude. Usually a woman will call, very rarely a guy, blab on for 5 minutes without letting me get a word in edgewise, but the instant I ask her to speak slower and she hears my foreigner accent… Click .

So you insist I hear your speel but hang up on me when I speak? Now I’m just as rude, as soon as I realize it’s a telemarketer I just hang up on them midsentence.