Facebook Virus warning

[quote]Warning to all Facebook users: a new virus is going around that appears to infect the Facebook users’ Friends lists. It sends out an email message with a link that asks you to download a plug-in to view a video.
Global’s own tech expert Marc Saltzman, who broke the story on his blog says, “don’t download the plug-in.”
The email message, or a variation of it, appears in your message inbox from Facebook friends:
XXX sent you a message.
Subject: Hey friend.
“LOL, You’ve been catched on hidden cam, yo.”
Then there’s a long URL you click on that takes you to what appears to be a YouTube video. When you click the video to begin a message pops up and sys you first need to download a newer Flash player to play the video. Do not do this.
According to Saltzman, his antivirus software has flagged this as a “high risk” Infostealer.Gampass virus.
Pass this onto your friends so that they do not download and open this “codecsetup.exe” file.[/quote]

Careful. This takes you to a facebook page mock-up, but the http address is wrong.