Facial Plastic surgery in Taiwan or Asia?

Yes, I am getting sick of people guessing me to be ten years older than I really am. I really think if would be best for my mental health if I got a forehead lift, or have something done about the sagging skin under my eyes (which, I’ve been told, make me look chronically tired or mean) , or botox, or whatever else people do. Really, I need a consultation somewhere.

How is the market for facial plastic surgery in Taiwan? Or is there a cheaper country I could visit (like Korea or Thailand) Does anybody have any experience with this. Any info?

And please, don’t lecture me. I take care of myself and eat right, but nature has dealt me a bad lot, and no amount of excercise is going to change the face that my face looks like a Goya. I have been dealt a bad lot in life, and that’s that.

I just want to look my age, which is about ten years younger that I currently look. :noway:

It is my new years’ resolution to make improvements in myself that will increase my day-to-day happiness. It’s time. I’m not one of those people who wants to look 10 years younger, I’d be happy if I just looked five years older than the age people perceive me to be at now.

So please, where do I begin researching plastic surgeons in Taiwan or Asia? How do I begin finding a plastic surgeon to get a consultation with?


I think that Macay(sp) hospital has a plastic surgery center. It’s located on Zhong Shan lu. Keep us posted.

Best of luck :rainbow:

If you don’t mind saying, how old are you? Just curious.

Thailand’s the hotspot for elective surgery in Asia. With all that chopping up of katoeys, they’re become very skilled with the knife. Bumrungrad Hospital is a listed (on the stock market) hospital offering world class care. Or you could combine it with a holiday down in Koh Samui or Phuket (seriously!).

I also hear Malaysia is extending itself in the medical tourism endeavour, but haven’t really heard much about it.

It’s somehow ironic that the old backpacker logic when you fell off yer bike and shattered your leg was to tape it together and jump on a plane to wherever you came from. Now people are flocking to Asia to get world class treatments at considerably lower cost.


I have a friend who has had tons of procedures done here–I mean, this person is an addict, has been for about 10 years now. (And no it isn’t myself–even though everyone keeps thinking I look 10 years younger than I am, and I love all of you). His last procedure was getting parts of his cheek bones taken out to give his face a squarer look at the bottom. They poke tiny slits in your neck then move in and chop off the bone. If you want, PM me and I’ll ask him who is doctor is. Botox, plastic surgery, etc., is considerably cheaper in Taiwan than in Europe/NA. Rumudrun is probably cheaper, though–you can’t beat $300 for a nose job.

Flicka, could you say that the work done here is safe? Or good for that matter. I am always worried about here, as if botch jobs don’t happen in the US. :unamused: But seeing how I haven’t heard much about it here, can you share more.

Did the OP ever get anything done?
If so was it Taiwan or abroad?

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