Factory in Shulin - stray dogs

Just went to an abandoned factory in Shulin to take pictures.
We didn’t have any idea about what will come across except kidults playing with bb guns (and not cleaning after) …

Dozen of [strike]dogs[/strike] skulls on the floor.

Some local people seem to be aware of the situation and wrote graffitis like “dog killers will go to hell”, burning ghost money for them and feeding the alive ones.

Anyone heard about it before ?

Where is this factory? Got a Google maps link?




Please forward all the evidence you have to the Taiwan SPCA immediately:


And please let us know what happens. Thank you!

Just sent an e-mail with a map and more pictures …

Any news?

:frowning: that is beyond depressing. Hope they can do something about it, such as make it public on TV.

Disturbing. But good on you for bringing it to light.

I’d be happy to be part of a posse to pop around there and dissuade these fine gentleman from their “sport”. I’m good at handing out pamphlets.

Unfortunately this will never make the news.
Asked the old ball and chain why the local news is all youtube clips about masturbating elephants and old men who lost their ducks?

Answer “Taiwanese only like good news!”

hetbellz, can you let us know what’s happening?

If the SPCA haven’t responded yet, I’d like to go get some video today. But I don’t want to interfere if they’ve already launched an investigation. Let me know.



no news from them. I think it’s better to wait for one more day, but I did set a deadline.

I had been advised to send the pictures to medias by this week if nothing is happening.

Also, if you decide to go there, don’t go there alone, especially in the “administration” building.

It seems people use the place to hide and dismantle things.
We found a couple of gas tank hidden under blankets.

Have you tried calling the SPCA?

Regardless, I’m heading into town soon and will go investigate myself. Thanks for posting this.

here’s the reply

“after visited this factory,we found out its not dogs skulls.
its cow’s bones.some ppl maybe bought those cow bones to feed the dogs .
thank you”

OK, interesting. How many dogs did you see there? And what kind of conditions?

Already contacted the medias … frustrated by the answer of the spca.

Around 20.

4 packs and two dogs alone.
People feed them. So they don’t look too bad, but they are stray dogs … you know what I mean.

One in the administration building but we couldn’t get close, sounded old.
The other one is a golden retriever, pretty big, located in the left building, in the back, behind the stairs. It’s easy to tell that he was abandoned.
Not menacing but it seemed a bit afraid … I guess they also practice their bbguns skills on live targets when no one is around.

If the skulls have sharp teeth, can’t be from cows. Did you see sharp teeth anywhere? Maybe you took some other pictures where you can see?