Factory in Shulin - stray dogs

are you sure they are not cow skulls? im no expert but your photos have eye sockets in front not side, so seems unlike cow…? maybe if you are there again take one home for proof.

If local media fails, take it abroad. In fact that would likely be more effective as local media would probably not do much. but if the country was embarrassed and made to look bad in the international community someone with a big ego might be inclined to actually try and look like a good guy and do something. just a thought.

I just checked it out. Met the feeders and a couple of guys who patrol the place. They’re not cow bones; they’re pig bones. I’ll post photos later, but the incisors are actually small tusks. The feeders got some pig heads to feed to the dogs, who are all very friendly and healthy lookIng. We’ve offered to take in the two almost blind ones. One of the feeders did explain that there have been a few cases of dogs being snatched to be eaten, though I don’t know how they know that. Thanks for posting your concerns. You did the right thing. But it seems the bones are from pig heads fed to the dogs.

Thanks … it’s just when you see what’s written and then you find yourself surrounded by some many skulls … it’s a bit confusing !

Did you find the golden/Lab in the back of the left building ?

Received a reply from the SPCA confirming there were dog skulls … They are investigating.

Thanks. Interesting. Hopefully they’ve just confused the pig skulls.