Factory - New Real American Restaurant in Tainan

Had an awesome dinner there about a month ago…would definitely return and glad to hear they are doing well.

great place!!!

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I’m sad to report that they weren’t open at brunch today, and it’s not clear if they’re open at all anymore. Pity, I was really looking forward to American brunch and especially the Bloody Mary, and arrived to see the place dark and empty on Sunday at 1ish.

I had been wanting to check this place out since reading about it on another thread here a year or so ago. (Even back then Google Maps said they were only open evenings, but someone in the thread insisted they do brunch.)

Long holiday weekend. Maybe they are doing so well that they took some time off… hopefully.

Doubtful, but I admire your optimism.

Long holiday weekends during Covid are the only time I’m ever likely to be looking for brunch in Tainan, but for the sake of local residents I hope you’re right.

They stopped brunch a while ago, a real shame as it was delicious.

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There just doesn’t seem to be much of a market for Western brunch in Taiwan outside of Taipei, and even there it’s slim pickings. It’s a damned shame.

Assuming it also hasn’t shut down, the A
Australian place did a nice western brunch.

IAM 澳洲小時光
0905 252 011


My favorite breakfast Tainan so far


Damn. Now you tell me! :wink:

I don’t see bloodys, though.

Yeah, I saw you and others discussing them on a different thread, so I went by there after Factory failed me. They told me their kitchen had already closed though it was shortly after 2 and they claim to be open until 3. The food on people’s tables looked good by western-food-in-Taiwan standards, though.

All in all it was a fruitless couple of hours traveling around looking for brunch that never materialized.

That is pretty impressive.

We were in Tainan last weekend, and ate at Cafe Entice. The owner can really cook.
隱誘咖啡 Café Entice
06 222 3752


I know what happened there. You can PM me if you’re curious.

Why don’t you just post it here? I’m sure others are curious too.

I’d like to know if I’m going to miss this

So . . . is this place now gone? Or has it changed owners?

The suspense is killing me. :grimacing:


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I didn’t want to give out personal info or possibly bad-mouth anyone. That’s why I thought it was better in PM form.

To keep it short, the couple had split, and the chef went back to the states. This was unfortunate since the chef is my friend, and we had plans to open a small business together as my main hustle and his side hustle. (Now I’m running my own…)

I’m also disappointed because I loved the restaurant, as I learned so much about running a better kitchen. It’s still up and running but limited.
Either way, nothing but respect for all who were involved. I’m still in touch with my friend, and he seems happier to be back in Cali and pursuing his cooking career.