Factory tours

I was reading about factory tours on anandtech’s website, makes me wonder if someone only gets paid 100-150 USD per month how does the chinese make ends meet? Also I kinda wonder if there are any fab facilities in Taiwan and how does things compare to chinese fab plants? I would suspect that more automated machines are used since labor is more expensive here.

Adjusted for purchasing power parity, that’s more like 400-600 USD per month. They’ll survive.

Are you kidding? :slight_smile:
Well, “fab” usually means chip foundry, and Taiwan has some of the biggest in the world.

If you mean motherboard and other computer board factories… yes, most of the mass production is in China. Many Taiwanese companies are only making prototypes here, or small-scale production.
However, I don’t think there’s much difference between Taiwanese and Chinese factories. The manufacturing process is the same, and there are no 100% automated factories - that’s why most of them are in China.

I think you will see quite a few differences in the factories of Taiwan and China. The only reasons I can think of for you want your factory in China is either because of the cheap labor, or because it is closer to your market.

Just like European and American factories, you will find more advanced factory automation machinery is used in Taiwan to replace labor. E.g. motion control, vision control, etc.

We’re a long way from totally automatic factories, but some of the factory equipment being made these days can do amazing things with practically no supervision. And when the labor costs become so low that they are almost insignificant, it becomes less appealing to produce in China.

Take the Ipod as an example. Many of the parts are made in Taiwan, but it is assembled in China. Taiwan got the advanced machinery required, China got the hands.