Fake KTV music: Any alternatives?


I’ve only KTV’ed a few times here, but all of those places had fake music – song titles that I recognized, but that was it. The voices, instruments, and melodies were all screwed up, cheap copies of the real thing. My singing is enough to make babies cry anyway, but the fake music just takes all the fun out of it for me.

Can someone tell me, by company name maybe, a few KTV establishments or chains in Taipei that have only real music – music sung and played by the original artists?


Interesting. I imagine it’s to do with the licensing – it must be cheaper to record someone’s song than to buy the original track minus lead vocals. Actually, I’m not even sure whether original tracks are ever sold in that form.

There are machines that purport to remove lead vocals from music, but they don’t work very well.

holiday and cashbox have always seemed to have mostly the right stuff out here in the sticks … taipei should be the same.

smaller places tend to cut corners more.

V-Mix and Partyworld (Cashbox) have the original music (but for English songs, very rarely the vidoe). Holiday, I’m not sure.