Fake Tan / Spray Tan


My girlfriend is going mental not being able to find any place that sells either fake tan or perhaps spray tan. I know it’s a long shot as the women want to be as white as possible, but I thought maybe one of you guys might know this one?

Surely there has to be somewhere that someone has found?


Be careful ! Maybe Jasons sell it ?

Yeah, this is certainly not a part of the world where spray tan stuff will be popular. Most ladies here want to be whiter, not tanned looking.

Thanks. Yep tried Jasons. They had more like stuff to apply when going in the sun to increase the effect.

You have made me strangely hungry though.

what about tanning salons? You can find a couple of them in eastern commercial district.

I don’t think I’ve seen a single tanning salon in my 17 years in Taipei, come to think of it.

Here you go OP. They probably have some tanning products for sale too.


I’ve never seen spray tan her ein 15 years. I’ve bought tanning cream at one of the beauty stores close to work, but it’s been a while. (will check and post if appropiate)

I can understand the need though. Some of you Caucasian guys look really scary by this time of winter. Swear to God, a couple of days ago, I got on the MRT and this foreign guy was just next to me, almost grabbed his hand when reaching for the straphandle… yipes, so white made me jump back! Yakiombo!

If I remember correctly, I remember seeing a tanning salon in Taipei 101. It is tucked in the corner where the bathrooms/elevator/staircase is, but its there. Not cheap tho…

City Super sold Hawaiian Tropic a few years ago. The next year they had non. I found some on a trip to Thailand, stocked up, then they too stopped selling it and resorted to buying it from the US - online and shipped over.
And the stuff I have - Hawaiian Tropic, isn’t tested on animals!