Fall Sale at Eslite?

Hello book lovers,

I seem to remember that the big Eslie off the Ren Ai Circle often held a big book sale in the basement around this time of year.

Does anyone know if and when this sale will take place this year?

Most of the books in this sale were English books; I think another sale was held at a different location for Chinese books.

Any information about this is appreciated. I enjoy this sale and usually pick up a few gems when I go.


I haven’t seen any news on the sale. Last week, however, I was in the big Eslite across from the train station (I thought that had closed!) and saw lots of sale books (mainly uninteresting ones) in several sections at the north end of the store.

Thanks for the info, Cranky. Any further info about the sale books you saw? Uniniteresting as in dry, dull textbook uninteresting?

I hope the Eslite on RenAi has that sale. I seem to remember it always being held 'round this time of year, when it is just starting to get cold and wet and dark. Perfect weather for reading–and drinking darker, stonger beers (but maybe that’s another thread.)