Falsely charged for what, status quo, more NT?

Thanks for your kind words, Loretta. It was not my intention to come across as offensive. If I did offend anyone, my apologies are waiting to be accepted.

Yes, the school took the easy way out. Maybe I did, too, but that’s all water under the bridge now.

If what you are saying is true, then let this be a lesson to all of us. I simply find it hard to believe that after five years of faithful employ, she didn’t even have the courtesy of talking with you in private first.

I know the Chinese way is different but…YIKES :astonished:

To automatically put you in the hot-seat in front of parents, and then tell you what the accusation is? Am I right about this? And you worked there for five years??? :help:

I could understand a slightly different scenario, whereas she takes you aside and tells you there’s been a complaint and even though you are innocent she has to let you go…THAT is understandable.

But I have no idea what she expected to achieve by throwing you to the wolves. Word gets around and I’m sure she/the school will eventually pay for this rash decision.

I had something similar happen to me in Korea, though the accusations were much different. They pretty much told me what I had done in a typed letter on company letter head…took me completely by surprise and they never spoke to me personally about it. The bascially said I was swearing in class, slamming the door and throwing furniture around. :noway:

I had only been there for two months and I was glad to be going. Funny thing is, they paid me out and gave me a good reference. :loco:

I guess my biggest problem is I will never understand Asians.

this link is hilarious, anyone see da pics? there is this meiguoren groping/approaching a gurl and in one scene he’s holding a pickel or someting…i kno da subject matter is a serious one, but the pics are sooo caricature i just can’t see it being taken seriously.

appledaily.com.tw/News/index … ID=1527452[/quote]

Webdoctors, your link doesn’t seem to be working, but this one does.

appledaily.com.tw/News/index … ID=1527452