Family Beach Day at Fulong Beach, Sunday June 24 at 12:00

Edit: The event has been postponed to June 24th!

June 17th is Father’s Day in many western countries, and we’re celebrating with a Beach Day at the Fu Bar on Fulong Beach! We’ll be starting the day at the beach and finish with a barbecue, South African style! The Fu Bar is offering us a special meal deal: [quote=“Grillmaster”]Hi all,

We usually do a buffet service for groups but I think it is going to be a little difficult to predict numbers for this one. So, we’ll do platters for you guys instead. We’ll prepare something similar to the Hunter’s Platter and a Pita 5 Platter for every 4 people who attend. That would usually be NT$2,350 but we’ll do it for the event for NT$2,000 or NT$500 per person. We have quite a few vegetarian options on the pitas and each platter comes with a Fu Bar salad and mashed potato or mielie pap* too.

Hunter’s Platter:

Pita 5 Platter in the background:

Cash bar but we’ll put together some special cocktails for you guys too at a special price.

*Mielie Pap = Africa’s staple diet, made from white corn flour. Eaten as a porridge for breakfast and as the main part of the meal for lunch and dinner. Similar to polenta or grits. We serve it with a tomato/onion based sauce. Yummy. And makes you big and strong.[/quote]

To give us a better idea of numbers, please sign up on the Facebook Page:

Come out and join us for a fun day in the sun! :sunglasses:

I’ll aim to be there if I possibly can. I’m sure my daughter would love to play on the beach with Mao Jiejie and Mao Meimei.

My girls would love that! :thumbsup:

And good news - we’ve got a full-sized bus! So if you were wondering about how you’d get there, wonder no more! :discodance:

The bus will pick up people at 11:45 from the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station (departure at 12:00) and leave Fulong at 8:00 pm to go back to Taipei. Go to and from the beach in air-conditioned comfort! :smiley: The cost will be $350 per bum (return trip). Obviously, babies that don’t require a seat ride for free.

Please contact if you want to reserve a seat - first come, first served! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty seriously tempted. We’ve still never been out to FuLong, and the tyke has yet to see the ocean.

Brendon, it would be great to see you. I hope you make it!

Because of the typhoon skirting the island, we’re postponing the event by one week!

We’ve got a lot of people signed up for the event, but there’s always room for more, and Brother Etienne at the Fu Bar’s Braai is bountiful. :thumbsup:

Hurrah! It’s a sunny day! I’ve got two new frisbees, a cooler of beer, two beach umbrellas and a surfboard (although I don’t think I’ll be using it - more likely it’ll be me towing the kids around on it.)

Beach umbrellas can be rented right next to the Fu Bar, so if you don’t have one, don’t worry - we’ve got you, um, covered, lol.

If you need comfortable, convenient, DIRECT transportation, you should know that we have a bus, with lots of storage room for beach chairs, strollers, coolers, umbrellas, even surfboards! The bus leaves from Exit 3 of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall MRT Station on the blue line at 12:00. Please try to show up by 11:45. If you haven’t reserved your seat on the bus YET, please call Vanessa at 0923-668-111 to avoid disappointment.

Oh, and this just in - because it seems there’s good number of us, Fu Bar is going to close its doors to outside business to focus on us! They’re also changing the meal deal - NT$500/plate for adults, NT$200/plate for kids 2-12, kids under 2 eat free. You all know Fu Bar and the kind of spread Etienne puts on - this will be a good feed, with good company.

PS Don’t forget your sunscreen!

The most exciting aspect of this excursion is that jimipresley will be in attendance! If you were previously reticent about attending, you now have a perfectly valid excuse for shrugging off your usual Sunday ennui! :discodance:

I’m very sad I live so far away. Mainly to be close to Jimi, but a day on the beach too. Next time. Have fun you lucky peoples.