Family move to Taiwan with mixed passports.


Hi all,
I am new to the forum. My wife and I are planning a move to Taiwan in 2019. We have lived in Honduras for 16 years. I am from the US, my son is Honduran (no US papers) and my wife in Honduran. I am planning on teaching English and have worked at an international school here for 8 years. My wife has no college lever studies. How hard will it be for us to get our visas and for my wife to find a job?


I think to get visas is not so hard, as far as you prepare required documents correctly.

For your wife to work, she might need to wait for 5 years to get an APRC with an open work permit. Spouses of foreign professionals on ARCs are allowed to work part-time but the jobs still need to be approved specialized or technical works.

You can check in this site what kind of jobs are allowed for foreigners to get work permits.
Foreign Professionals to Work in Taiwan

Spouses of Foreign Professionals Taking partly-hours Specialized or Technical Works


Excellent response! This is what I wanted to know. Thank you.