Famous Taiwanese agricultural products are not native to the island

Jeepers. Can i ask how you got into contact and how it was prepped? I get it bad too when raw, but after cooking (we always steam it) there is nothing.

Different species have different chems as well it seems. Some types i get nothing even raw.

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I have some knowledge of tea.

There are native breeds of tea in Taiwan and many of the popular teas are hybrids of native wild trees and imported breeds from China . The history of some of the most popular local tea plants is a bit shrouded in mystery such as Qing Xin Gan Zai which has been grown for centuries.

Some of the most popular and unique modern teas are a result of this hybridisation from wild tea. For instead the No 18 Hong Yu from Sun Moon lake area , a hybridisation of Big Leaf Assam and Small Leaf native breed . The small leaf gives the sweetness and lychee notes , the big leaf the body for black tea.

And there are more examples like this with very strong and unique flavours such as Truffle or Citrus notes.

And it is still possible to find wild tea trees in the mountains in Nantou and Taitung , although a little difficult to ascertain which were always there and which have 'gone wild '. Would need to do more genetic testing.


Wife cooked it in a soup. She cooked a lot and I think the amount obviously mattered.

Glad to know I am not the only one confused. :upside_down_face:


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here is a good intro to Annona in Taiwan.

Sorry if it was already mentioned but passion fruit

Been eating a ton of the 釋迦鳳梨 ones lately. Taiwan’s king or queen of fruits? Seems like it’s been a great year for them

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I always thought that ‘yams’ should never be eaten raw.

Sorry, rather: “undercooked”

Lots of people, myself included, get a super itchy reaction to the raw yams.

Raw ‘yams’ can be toxic I heard.

Ya, but toxic can be a bit hard. many beans are too and so on. I think it is important to know what we are eating. Yams are essentially anything in the genus Dioscorea. Back on.canada when I was a kid nearly every “yam” on the shelf was the morning glory, Ipomoea battatas. Past that true yams have loads of species. some hybrids, tons of varieties and many variations of varieties. For example, most types of D. Atlanta I get insane reactions to topically, but not with certain white species. even the wild ones. It is an interesting one. Have seen numerous places serve “uncooked” white yam, but not sure what species or variety.

I havent read this one, just a random google.

It’s a pretty fascinating area!