Famous youtuber recommending forumosa


Well, Ah-D (RD) is a pretty well known youtuber here. He began his channel teaching some English vocabs, but now is mostly a lifestyle channel. His new video talks about creating an English learning environment here in Taiwan. One of the ways to do it is… by visiting Forumosa.


Oh god…if we get inundated by ABC wannabes I’m moving to the other s(h)ite.


Oh please. No!


Thanks for alerting us. :slight_smile:

Now children, stop squabbling and put on your best behavior for our new friends! :rainbow:


You’re not my dad! You can’t tell me what to do!! :banana:



Don’t know who he is or what he has to do with recommending Forumosa (or anything to do with Taiwan), but he does have a shit load of subscribers.


Guess I’ll have to start visiting the “English grammar and usage” forum.


Taiwan No 1 (fishing for likes… :))