Fans having a say in what gets produced

I used to think you vote about what you like with your wallet. But in an era where certainly Hollywood is lacking creativity -remakes galore- plus the instant heavy hand feedback -even backlash- from social media -feared now more than paparazzi- it is logical than the chorus of voices on the 'net had to be heard sometime, for good and/or bad.

This for example:

[quote]Sometime during the past two years, seemingly overnight, made the unexpected, unheralded decision to start making movies. They established a new shingle, Amazon Studios, which currently has 16 projects in development, all of which are (ostensibly) vetted by fans through online feedback. Certainly a novel way of approaching film development. (As for whether true cinephiles have better taste or instincts than avaricious marketing executives—who currently make virtually all creative decisions everywhere else in Hollywood—only time will tell.)

The first of Amazon’s new film projects, tentatively titled “Zombies vs. Gladiators,” is moving slowly towards fruition. …

Will Amazon’s decision to crowd-source creative decisions pay off? What would happen if “Zombies vs. Gladiators” is successful? Would the rest of Hollywood adopt similar strategies? And what would the cinematic landscape look like if they did? Would titanic bombs like “John Carter” and “Battleship” be avoided? Or would the capricious whims of the interwebs lead studios to make overly thought-out trash like “Snakes on a Plane?”

[/quote] … adcd2601b8

This has called my attention as in the Supernatural boards they had a little fit over the season finale. Apparently, it was based on a popular fanpic -a whole alternative complete season written by a couple of fans- so the hardcore fans were all giddy. All that business, to me, is as weird as it gets.

Do you remember those “alternative endings” books, that if you chose the character to do one thing you went to page X, but if you chose another then you went to page Y and continued the story from there? I think with all the interactive media, someday, we may actually “vote” not only on which shows to watch, but on how we want storie sto be developed. For TV it seems quite straightforwrad, for movies it would be then in the preproduction stage, like Amazon is doing. I don’t know what to make of this.

Zombies vs Gladiators sounds hilarious.

Good movies will still get made, as they always have.

[quote=“GuyInTaiwan”]Zombies vs Gladiators sounds hilarious.

Good movies will still get made, as they always have.[/quote]

Yes, we do hope artistry survives the onslaught of money-making plain grubbing, as it has always done. I just like to go to the movies/watch TV/read a book and be surprised with something new. Giving people only what they want just the way they want it seems to me is not the only right way as I prefer teh surprise of the unexpected, the new, the I did not know that, the I hadn’t thought of that. Which is why I hate remakes and I feel this American Idol approach to artistic production is not so kosher.

Really, it won’t be a problem. There are still plenty of awesome writers, directors, actors and all the other people who are involved in making movies. There always will be. There’s also always been money grubbing. Both will continue long into the future.