Fanta softdrink teacher advert

For those of you who teach in high schools or happened to go to a Japanese or Taiwanese high school or those who simply like funny, well done ads taking a look at these Japanese Fanta (the soft drink) ads might be amusing.

The ads (I think there are six of them, to match up with the six flavors of Fanta) feature a rock and roll teacher, a Bruce Lee teacher, the DJ teacher, a crazy salesman math teacher, a female soap opera literature teacher, a Samurai general teacher, a gangster teacher, a bearded teacher in a barrel and then ends with an announcement from the principal.

Even if you can not hear Japanese or read the Chinese subtitles the ads are funny. But if you can get someone to help you with the Chinese subtitles they are even funnier. You can try and figure out what kind of teacher you are.

The ads are at:

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What’s an rmvb file? My computer doesn’t know what to do with it.

Probably RealVideo (ie RealOne/RealPlayer video)

Jolly good show. Japanese schoolgirls are great, aren’t they? Yes it’s a Real Player file.

:sunglasses: I saw it last night at , which should work well for media player program in windows. It is plainly hilarious, always reminding me of the time Japanese comics still could light up my day.

Neither of those links worked for me and I have Windows Media and Real Player. :frowning: :help: :s