Maybe “we” could use an FAQ section - I know it could be a lot of work for someone to set up the first one - but a lot of questions get asked here that have already been answered.

A little enthusiasm for the concept - I could be interested in helping.

Rian… we could really use your help. Thanks so much for the offer! Gus has wanted to put order to the chaos for a long time now but we have not been able to find the time.

This is where we are at:


The FAQs is just draft, derived from the FAQs of this bulletin board software. http://oriented.org/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=faq

It needs a lot of work, and will take a bit of feedback from the ORIENTED community. If you could spearhead/coordinate that (maybe even use this thread to solicit comments), we would be grateful.

I’ll get Gus up here. He’ll have a better idea of the requirements.


The FAQ has been partially updated. Many thanks to Big Fluffy Matthew for getting things moving here.

Please post here questions that you feel belong (or do not belong) in the Forumosa.com FAQ. (and if you can post answers with your questions, I’ll give you G$ :slight_smile:)