Far East Everyday Chinese - Student Workbook CD

Where can I find this CD? I’ve looked in Caves Bookstore in Chiayi and Taichung. I’m in Dou-lio so those are the only 2 cities I go to.

I found the CD for the Far East textbook, but not for the workbook yet.


I think Far East has a Web site…www.fareast.com.tw, although I can’t get it to come up just now. You might try that, though. I’m in the US so it might have something to do with that, too.

Otherwise, I’d just call them up – at the Taipei office – and see if it’s possible to do a mail order dealie where, for example, you transfer money at hte Post Office and they mail you the book. The office on Chongqing S. Road near Taipei Main Station has a little retail “storelet” in the front, and I’d bet they’d be glad to help you out.

(Although I am no fan of the company, having seen it from the inside.)