Far⋆East Movement Live @ Luxy 3/16 (Wed.)

Far⋆East Movement|東方聯盟, Live in Taipei @ Luxy w/LLP

16 March at 21:00 - 17 March at 04:00

Location: LUXY - Contemporary Nightlife Complex
Zhongxiao E. Rd, Sec. 4, No. 201, 5F 忠孝東路 4段 201號 5樓
Taipei, Taiwan

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  • “Fly Like a G6” - #1 on the Billboard Top 100 and iTunes

  • 單曲 “Like A G6” 史上第一個榮登 Billboard Top 100 與 iTunes第一名冠軍!

  • First Asian-American group to earn a top ten hit on the Billboard Top 100.

  • 嗆翻全球音樂界之亞洲饒舌新勢力。

It always feels good when Asians represent and Far⋆East Movement is repping hard with their recent string of chart topping songs. After trying to bring them out to Taipei since 2004, they’re finally here and we’re Luxy, Liquid Lifestyle, and you are gonna show them how Taipei do! Represent!

大家一向都支持亞裔藝人,希望他們出鋒頭,為東方人爭光! 而對Far⋆East Movement這個團體,我們不當話下一定支持到最高點! 因為都是朋友的關係,自從2004年Liquid Lifestyle就一直希望能夠找機會將FM帶到台北來。只能說時不畏晚我們終於等到了!!! Luxy、Liquid Lifestyle與台北市的party animals要好好得讓FM看看我們的派對精神!!!

Far⋆East Movement|東方聯盟
An Asian American electro hop quartet based in Los Angeles, California, Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif and DJ Virman represent Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Filipino descent. Kev Nish, Prohgress, & J-Spliff grew up in Koreatown, LA, California and were close companions in high school who all shared a passion for music. They’ve been performing since 2001 and achieved their first breakout in 2006 with “Round Round”, featured in the movie, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. In 2008, LA’s Power 106 DJ, DJ Virman joined their group becoming their official DJ and they released “Girls on the Dance Floor”, which hit #27 on the Billboards. In February 2010, they signed a major record deal with Cherrytree Records, a subsidiary of Interscope Records, which led to the release of their first major debut album, Free Wired in October 2010. They then proceeded to BLOW DA EFF UP! “Fly Like a G6” and “Rocketeer” have received crazy airplay and there’s more coming, including “If I Was You” w/ Snoop Dogg and “Don’t Look Now” with Keri Hilson.

這一支獨特電音饒舌之團體是由四位居住美國洛杉磯的亞裔美籍好友 Kev Nish、Prohgress、J-Splif、DJ Virman 組合而成。他們分別各是日、韓、中與菲律賓的血統。成長於加州韓國城的 Kev、Prohgress 和 J-Splif,高中時期就是成天膩在一起的死黨,對音樂有著相同理念與抱負,三人開始靠網路散播作品,不放過任何一個在當地酒吧或俱樂部的表演機會。2006 年發行首張專輯『Folk Music』,以 “Round Round” 打響知名度,獲選為電影「玩命關頭 3:東京甩尾」之電影插曲。2008 年加入 DJ Virman,同時推出『Animal』專輯,其中爆紅歌 “Girls On The Dance Floor” 締造 MySpace 超越 500 萬次點擊率、YouTube 破百萬的瀏覽記錄!2010年的2月他們簽屬於Cherrytree Records,Interscope Records旗下的音樂公司。而在10月就以全新大碟【Free Wired】進軍主流市場,成功的結合了電音和嘻哈。我們耳聽熟能的 “Fly Like a G6”與 “Rocketeer”再次的成為FM的流行音樂國歌。而近期還會有與Snoop Dogg合作的 “If I Was You” 和Keri Hilson合作的 “Don’t Look Now”讓大家更耳目一新!

Reduced cover for ladies before 11pm. Only NT$300 (includes 1 drink). Get there early!

為女生特優的入場票價: 11pm前只要NT$300 (含一杯飲料) ,盡早到囉!!!

Men » 1000nt (includes 1 drink)
Ladies » NT$300nt before 11pm, NT$600 after (includes 1 drink)
女生 » 11點前 300nt. / 11點後 600nt. (1杯飲料)
男生 » 整晚 1000nt. (1杯飲料)

TEL: 0917840519[/quote]

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=183027611733000

Click play and watch the dancing stormtroopers! :slight_smile:


It’s tonight.
Where will the special VIP line be for Forumosans?