Far Eastern Air Transport

FAT Airlines display a variety of international routes but only have domestic routes available online, my chinese isn’t good enough to decipher whats going on here - do they give their international routes to other airlines?

FAT was a larger airline back in the day. They closed and reopened years later. They are flying a few md82 that they mothballed for a few years and restored. Sold off its 757s. CAL had a share in it, maybe still does.

They are small now. Only 2 or 3 jets. I don’t think they fly much of any international flights at the moment do they?

They are trying to grow but it’s probably not easy.

My first ever airplane ride was on a FAT 737 from SungShan to Hualian back in 77 IIRC. On B2607 , which apparently has since been abandoned at some remote field in the phillippines . The fare was less then 500nt each way :slight_smile: And the old timers were complaining because it had been 280nt each way before !

Came back the same day on China Airlines 737 B1874 , which is today abandoned somewhere in south america.

Thanks Tommy

airfleets.net/flottecie/Far% … nsport.htm

Looks like they are flying two Md82 and two Md83. And may be working on bringing back two 757 still in mothballs.

FAT used to be second largest domestic airline after China Airlines. Now they are just a super tiny airline with 4 active aircraft. Almost a joke.

Cept one must remember that back in the 70s you can count the number of jets flying on domestic routes on two hands just about.

These planes never flew international in those days.

CAL had a handful of 737-200s and so did FAT.

Try calling them to ask. I noticed the same thing on Uni-Air. Doesn’t seem possible to book international flights via their website, but you can do it by phone.

Though in the end Uni-Air may have put me through to Eva Air (their parent). Can’t remember.

Visit their counter at CKS airport or SungShan airport? Should be able to get some info there.

Seems FAT is still doing China flights , when you look at schedules out of CKS:

(once per week)
Flight Timetable from 2014/08/31 to 2014/09/06!
Terminal Airline Flight No. Destination Departure
Time Arrival
Time Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 feFar Eastern Air Transport FE-135 Harbin 10:25 14:00
1 feFar Eastern Air Transport FE-115 Yinchuan 10:30 14:30
1 feFar Eastern Air Transport FE-127 Hefei 10:30 12:35
1 feFar Eastern Air Transport FE-127 Hefei 10:50 13:00
1 feFar Eastern Air Transport FE-121 Shijiazhuang 11:00 14:10
1 feFar Eastern Air Transport FE-125 Guiyang 17:00 19:30
Page 1 Total 6 records

And Sung Shan:

Seems they only fly domestic from Sung Shan


Scheduled time Estimated Time Airlines Flight No. Destination
0740 0746 Far Eastern Air Transport Far Eastern Air Transport FE061 KinmenKNH M82 Departed
0755 0810 Far Eastern Air Transport Far Eastern Air Transport FE021 MagongMZG M82 Departed
1040 1125 Far Eastern Air Transport Far Eastern Air Transport FE065 KinmenKNH M82 Departed
1150 1200 Far Eastern Air Transport Far Eastern Air Transport FE8861 KinmenKNH M82 Departed
1410 1420 Far Eastern Air Transport Far Eastern Air Transport FE025 MagongMZG M82 Departed
1525 1537 Far Eastern Air Transport Far Eastern Air Transport FE067 KinmenKNH M82 Departed
1655 1655 Far Eastern Air Transport Far Eastern Air Transport FE031 MagongMZG M82 Overtime Extra
1840 1840 Far Eastern Air Transport Far Eastern Air Transport FE027 MagongMZG M82 On Tim

Wonder if they are making money now.

I reckon they are making money but not breaking even yet. An old fleet is very costly to operate, and with only 4 aircraft only limited services can be operated. I think margins must be exceptionally tight.

Yup must be a struggle. Seems one plane (or maybe two) is dedicated to China flights. They seem to have only ONE Chinese destination per day.

And the others are on local flights, where profits are slim no doubt.

Far Eastern Air suddenly announced they will end operations this week on Friday December 13. Thousands of passengers and around 1000 employees will be affected.

The Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) is not amused:

[Far Eastern Air Chairperson] Chang [Kang-wei] will liable to a fine of NT$200 million and a maximum prison sentence of three years if the airline does not provide service for flights booked on Friday, the CAA said, citing the Civil Aviation Act.

Under the act, the carrier is also facing a fine of NT$3 million for failing to give 60 days’ notice of its plan to suspend operations, the CAA said.

The CAA also called on the airline to make sure it provides return flights for the 500 Taiwanese passengers, including individual travelers, who are overseas and are booked on FAT return flights.

Source: http://focustaiwan.tw/news/asoc/201912120017.aspx


If you think about an airline that cannot pay its loans, it’s kind of scary, they definitely will look into areas where they can save money, before suspending services. Whatever those areas are, not going to be good for flight safety.

The show will go on! So claims Far Eastern Air Chairperson Chang Kang-wei.


FAT has not been able to do well since it’s reopening

The Taiwan aviation market takes billions to make millions

FAT was operating very old planes when it revived its long dormant md80 and 90 and they are getting older

It didn’t and doesn’t have the muscle to make it

but it has the FAT… to not make it.

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