FarEasTone GPRS Outgoing SMTP - Anyone?

FarEasTone customer service has told me they do not have an outgoing SMTP for their customers and they say I should apply for a free PCHOME email account if I want to check my email on my phone. This has got to be a misunderstanding. Could someone that has setup email on their phone to check with GPRS please tell me how they did it. On my phone, I can now receive my POP3 email from a couple of different email accounts, but I cannot send out. I need an outgoing SMTP address for this, and it is my understanding that that is ISP dependant. For example, I use one here at home (Hinet ISP) and another when I am away at a hotel in another country that the hotel provides for me.

My wife has Chunghwa phone service, and she uses the Hinet EMOME SMTP address to send email. FarEasTone must have one like this no?

MaPaDurian sent me a PM with some information in it that helped. He said just try any SMTP. Actually it worked. I thought it had to be a FarEasTone SMTP server. Anyway it is still strange that FarEasTone doesn’t provide an SMTP server address for their GPRS customers.

Normally an SMTP address is given to you by the ISP where you have your email account, not from the network operator you use to connect to the internet (though many operators offer own mail services, too).
E.g. I can send my webmail - originating from my laptop’s mail client - from anywhere in the world using just the SMTP address of the webmail provider, there is no need to change it if I use a different ISP to connect.

Glad it worked! You should test to make sure that it is reliable, though – I wouldn’t depend on it for critical business use unless you’ve first made sure that your customers (or friends, or whoever you email) won’t lose the messages because their ISPs block servers that allow that.

The reason I have this concern is that some ISPs automatically block email from any server that allows “open relaying”. I think that this is what “open relaying” is, but I am not positive of this. A few weeks ago, there was a thread about Hinet email being blocked in which I mentioned an ISP’s policy which involved that (a search on “Hinet” in the topic line should find it).