FarEastone WAP Settings


just wondering if anyone knows the settings you need to use WAP with fareastone mobiles. Eg. the IP address etc


Well, these are GPRS settings, as opposed to CSD settings (the OLD WAP). Will that suffice? (Found on internet, so can’t guarantee):

Operator Access Point Name Username Password DNS
Far EasTone fetnet01 [blank] [blank]

You may need to ask them to activate the GPRS service for you, btw.

Some more info…
Apparently if you type these codes into your phone, it will automatically download the settings for you (depends if your phone can do this, of course).
For WAP: **100*202*100#
For GPRS: **100*202*000#
For GPRS (Again, not sure what the difference is): **100*202*400#

More info (in Chinese, which I don’t speak) here:

fetnet.net/servlet/ContentSe … 8627843907