Farewell banana pancakes

[url=http://www.asiatraveltips.com/news06/91-LonelyPlanet.shtml]The first set of Lonely Planet guidebooks translated into simplified Chinese script will be launched in June 2006. Launch titles will include guidebooks to key outbound destinations such as Australia, Germany and Britain. The program will initially focus on Lonely Planet

Weird…I made bannana pancakes for the crew this past Sunday morning.

khao san road? not likely. they’ll be staying at the royal cheapo monstrosity.

I wonder how successful they will be. I have known that LP were planning to release guidebooks in Chinese for some time. However, I wonder whether translated versions of their guidebooks will really match the interests of Chinese travellers. Especially considering that virtually all Chinese travel on group tours and have difficulty getting visas to travel otherwise.

I disagree. In Koh Samui last year I was amazed at how many independant travellers there were from China. They have daily flights from second-tier mainland cities to Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, etc. The travellers I saw were hiring jeeps, cruising around doing their own thing.

Seriously, if I had a million I’d be looking at beefing up Thailand’s travel infrastructure for mainland independent travellers.


that right? good for them. figured they would be more like their taiwanese and hong kong brethren

Yeah, really! Didn’t see them on Khao San, but that can’t be far away. They were out at JJ market.