Farrah Fawcett dies at 62

Farrah Fawcett also died today. May she rest in peace. abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/Far … 123&page=1

abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/Far … lse&page=2

Jaclyn Smith was my favorite Charlie’s Angel. I was ambivalent toward Fawcett.


End of a long, painful fight. Sigh

A Poster Icon she was indeed.
The original Charlie’s Angels was part of my syllabus as a 9 year old.

This thread needs this picture:

There it is.

[quote=“Josefus”]This thread needs this picture:

[color=#0000FF]Farah, thanks for the mammaries.[/color]

I had that fantasy.

I find it sad that this thread only has 8 posts (9 including mine), but the Wacko Jacko death thread is well into the teens filled up with mostly how much he was disliked…

Besides, it needs another image. If you still have this edition lying around in mint condition, I imagine it’ll be worth something about now:

This one could also be worth something,

but if you still had this one from December 1978!

One of my all time favorite books was an almanac of playboy short stories.

And for good measure, one with the other Angels.

The brunette in the middle is by far the hottest. But for some reason she got cast as the “ordinary” “frumpy” Charlie’s Angel.

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Reminds me of what one of my mentors said to me when I was taking writing classes under him. There was a picture of Marilyn Monroe hung up on a poster in his office. “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been attracted to that woman,” he said. “They say that gentlemen prefer blondes. I guess I’m not a gentleman, then.”

Isn’t that Kate Jackson?
Anyway, they didn’t did anything for me because they never painted their toenails.

I am a short man. Therefore, I have a fetish for tall women.

Will one of you celebrity-obsessed necrophiles finally explain to me what “rest in peace” means. It’s an oft bandied term that I don’t understand. Please enlighten me.

Uh, I’m not a celebrity-obsessed necrophile, I just have a mild fetish for tall, sultry brunettes.

Anyway, I think that “Rest in Peace” means exactly that. There’s no hidden meaning here. It just means, “Rest. In. Peace.”

I’d wager it’s just polite, as opposed to “Burn in hell, fucker!”

Kind of like how they go on about how nice a guy was, a pillar of the community and all, yet everyone knows he was shagging his 16 year old daughter and beating his wife kind of thing. We say RIP because we aren’t supposed to “disrespect” the dead…

I think it means worm supper. In that they can stop struggling long enough for the maggots to get nestled in.
Ashes are far more apt.

So…Michael dies from too many drugs, and Farrah dies from not enough drugs. (For her ass cancer.) Why, God, why?

I will always remember her as the female lead from “Saturn Three,” a space movie in which a giant malevolent robot steps on her puppy dog and smushes it.