Fast food chat


Anyone noticed that Taiwan McDonalds has changed their menu format from pushing meals, to offering individual items with options like fries and drink?

It makes the first impression when ordering look cheaper. Like this

McDonalds to sell ownership of Taiwan franchise

Yep, it changed a few months back.

At the same time they stopped selling the Quarter Pounder.


That trick doesn’t work with me since in my head I quickly add up the price +50$ like the sign says beside.
I wonder if this technique actually works to fool some people that the price is cheaper than it really is.

Mcdicks has been slowing increasing the prices lately and that’s led me to cut down my consumption of that crap food by a significant amount so I guess that’s one good thing.

Meanwhile in Canada a big mac combo is going for $11 total with tax , huge rip off


It’s been this way for a couple of years.


That’s a real tragedy! Before I used to order two double quarter pounders. Now I have to get four of those Angus burgers (two without buns) to assemble a similarly balanced meal.


In reading this thread, I’m now pissed off I came here after Wendy’s had already gone out of business. :tired_face:


Consciously and subconsciously, people will think about, select, and go towards Mcdonalds if they know they can get “something” at a certain price point comparable to or cheaper than the other stuff on street.

I get my Wendy’s fix in Philippines.


You ever been to a McDonald in the US (I am sure most of you have)?

The food is disgusting thanks to shows like “Oversize Me”, you know all the no transfat stuff or whatever ends up making their fries taste horrible, their McNuggets tasting dry and disgusting, and their hamburgers taste kinda bad too.

As for hanging out, I seriously do not want to hang out at any McD in the US… the restaurant is disgusting, often there are gangsters hanging out there not to mention the single welfare parents with like 6 kids causing a ruckus there.

McDonald in Taiwan is beginning to serve more or less similar foods KFC is serving so that’s making KFC kinda obsolete. This is in addition to the fact that McDonald fries (the pre-Supersize Me ones) are really delicious.


They were pretty crappy here anyways, don’t feel too bad


Kfc in taiwan is the worst.


Agreed. Their tiny buckets are a joke. Barely a snack for people like @Andrew0409 or me.


It’s not KFC without coleslaw and mashed potatoes.


maybe they should start offering those here? Because honestly when you got McDonalds offering more or less the same thing KFC does why even go there?


I never go to KFC in Taiwan. Are the chicken here smaller or what?


People totally hang out at McDs in Japan.


In Hong Kong one of the MacDonalds has all its seats tilting at a downwards angle, so sitting there for more than five minutes gets very uncomfortable. Genius idea, “only in Hong Kong”
“You no buy you get out”


KFC chickens are really small.

Get fried chicken everywhere else and it’s big


One thing I’ll say about McD’s here compared to McD’s in the US, is I never worry some gross, anti-social teen has messed with the food here. I would never get McD’s in the US at midnight, but here I wouldn’t worry that someone might’ve befouled it.


But I feel like the ones in Taiwan are especially small.


I’ve heard people say the Big Macs are smaller in Asia than they are in the west.