Fast Internet in Hsinchu County's Xiangshan district?


Is there any good provider for Internet Services in Hsinchu Xiangshan district? I have consulted Chunghwa but they can only do 30Mbit/s Internet so far.

I am wondering what are the options in the area?

Is there maybe anything like a provider who would agree the installation of a FTTH or something? I guess I could also try to install a 4G router and use that, not sure how the network is at that spot though…

Thanks in advance!

Have you checked Taiwan Broadband? Taiwan Mobile has a good combo deal with them for $999. Get unlimited 4G with unlimited 120mbps cable internet.

not sure how their network covers that specific area, but will contact them.

You will have to ask them about cable coverage. 4G coverage should be fine.

Thanks for the tip, I just went to Taiwan Mobile (臺灣大哥大) they actually serve a 1G decent speed at that location.

Not so shabby (ok, it is cable, and only 50M upload, but hey, much better than the initially announced 30M download from Chunghua).

Thanks again,

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i took a pic of the paper if anyone else wants to see combo prices.

$1099 for 5G and 200 mbps home internet
$1699 for 5G and ½Gigabit
$2299 for 5G and Gigabit.

I recently signed up and waiting for the guy to come and give me internet. Not interested in the Google Nest spyware hardware so they offered Momo money because I like mo’ and mo’ money to buy stuff with.

I saw 5G mobile + 1gbps home + tv + free nest in Taipei being offered for 1599 a week ago by Taiwan mobile. I wonder if it’s different based on city. Need to sign a two year contract.

Things and prices change every now and then afaik.

That’s also the price we got on the list in Taipei, when subscribing for Hsinchu.