Fast lady breaks highway speed record

Wow, I din’t know you could push an automatic car that far, even more a Benz.

Get this: a lady, used car saleswoman, managed to hit 243 kilometers per hour on the highway -normal limit is 110 kms. (Thank Goodness it was at 1am) :astonished:

She got caught, and was sentenced 10 months for “reckless driving”.

That’s 150 mph. Pretty fast. She’s lucky she’s not dead.

I thought it said ‘First Lady’.
Never mind.

She was probably driving an E55 AMG.

“sorry, i didn’t notice how fast i was going, i was putting on my make up”.

I’m surprised they caught her. As many will recall, slow[/i]-moving vehicle – that had flat tires, no less – without shooting the driver repeatedly until he died.