Fastest way to get Covid vaccine in April 2022

I need to get Covid vaccine, but it should not be the Taiwan-developed one (I think it’s called Medigen?), it needs to be Moderna, Pfizer, or AZ.

What would be the fastest way to get it? Taipei Main Station had it on Saturday but I couldn’t get that one.

I am not a senior citizen so special fast-track is probably not available I guess.

I guess I might have got the answer. This is Taipei Main Station.

show up to a clinic and ask. Many are offering them at their clinics.


Any clinic? Doesn’t matter which field like internal medicine, family medicine, dermatologist etc? Just anywhere has it?

Check and ask. If not, they may be able to help locate one for you.

Here is a PDF that has some addresses in Taipei Proper.

Some for New Taipei


Thank you! It seems they are private clinics. Are vaccines provided by them free for foreigners as well? Appointment needed or just walk-in?

AFAIK at least some are walk in, but call and ask. They are free for everyone.

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Thank you so much

No problem.

I took a closer look at the list and some ask for bookings with their Google Forms form.

I called several places in this list, but they either do not respond to my call or say they do not provide it, or they used to provide it. One of them says the document I have may be outdated. Is there a webpage where I can have the most up-to-date list?

I went here for the second shot a few weeks ago: COVID-19 vaccination clinic - 台北慈濟醫院.

There’s a clinic in the basement. Fast process, was out in less than an hour.

This place says “Registration method: This consultation requires an appointment in advance. On-site registration is not accepted on the same day.” Did you make reservation by phone?

And the cost is either 150 or 550. Which one do young adult foreigners correspond to?

Just go to the district health office. I got mine the same day I registered my foreign vaccines

(This was in datong District Taipei)

P.s. it seems they gave a special allocation for foreigners. Which gives us walk in rights where locals need appointments. This has been my experience today

Thanks. What Chinese term should I search for “district health office”? I couldn’t figure out how to search for this.