Fat Cat - I need some advice

Okay the other day stopped at an acquaintance’s house. She had a LOVELY cat (Burmese Tree Cat). Very trim and fit and FELINE looking - feline lines. I have two wonderful cats that I adopted from the SPCA (the pound) about 8 years ago - so they’re around 8 yrs old. The male (Bodo) is an uncontrollable glutton, and weighs 15 pounds. And the female (Ginseng) is a little bit chubby weighs 10 pounds. They have been fed IAMS brand dry cat food their entire lives - Now I give 'em the formulation for overweight and elderly cats. I give them each 1/4 cup twice a day - I believe that is what the directions instruct one to provide. But, they are STILL overweight, and I don’t know how to slim them down.

The male gets into the female’s food. She is a mincer and picker. Doesn’t eat her food all in one sitting like the male does. So, later in the day, when he feels hungry or sometimes immediately after he finishes his bowl, he starts on hers. If I am around to witness it, I take it away from him, but I’m often not there. It seems impractical to try feeding them in separate rooms as the female never finishes her food, and so if I were to take her unfinished food and put it away she’d be hungry all day.

I even tried putting her food up an a high shelf that I thought the fat male was too fat to jump up to, he found a way.

SIGH . . . any suggestions?


Have you ever try Hill’s Rd?!

Oscar is over weight for years. He was on Hill’s light but just wouldn’t work. But ever since I bought Hill’s Rd and Oscar drop 400g from 5.5kg.

Give it a try.

The essential fatty acids (omega oils) in kibble turn rancid within days of being exposed to the air. This is a leading cause of obesity in pets. Do you buy the food in large bags? If so, you could try getting smaller bags more often.

But, if you really want to give them a healthy diet, feed them fresh food. It’s stupidly easy: fish, chicken, duck, lamb, beef, eggs, etc. Feed mostly chicken and then fish, and occasionally supplement with the other (more fatty) meats, and you’re good to go. Include the bones, and keep it raw.

They will thank you for finally giving them variety, too. :wink: