Fat Gene Transform Engineering

hi. i was in a taiwanese weight-loss infomercial for a product called (english translation) “Fat-Gene Transform Engineering”. they have some long commercials on TV sometimes to lose weight.

i’m trying to contact the company so i can have their brochures (with some excellent computer-generated “fat” pictures of me). so… if anyone can speak chinese, maybe you can help me find them? please! an e-mail or phone number or website would be great. maybe you’ll see it on TV, or if you have a second could you do a websearch in chinese (i can’t find anything in english.) thank you so much!

So, you’re a foreigner who participated in a scheme to defraud locals by sitting for fake fatty photos and now you wish to obtain evidence of your part in the fraud – computer-generated photos of you as a pig. WTF? Are you putting together a modeling portfolio (here’s me as a woman. . . here’s me with a brain. . .), or do you want them to show your mom that you’re eating well in Taiwan? I suggest that if you want more fat photos it might just be easier to visit McDonalds more often. Oh, and if you need someone to check your gas meter just let me know.

I don’t if that’s necessarily entirely fair. I did a few commercials years ago, and I never knew what it was for, or whether it was ever shown. Just “turn up at 8:00 and they;ll tell you what to do” In one we were dressed up as scientests pretending to do experiments. It could have been make up, it could have been biological warfare. One of the other mugs told me much later it was an advert for, wait for it, slippers (!)