Fat grade in schools? i flunk

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while this came from the states, canada is seriously thinking about instituting a similar program. will it achieve anything? can i still eat my cholesteral-laden peking duck? tune in next week …

In my personal experience I have found that measuring your body fat (using those prongy things) is somewhat hit or miss. There is often a margin of error depending on who is doing the testing and how consistent they are with where they are measuring.
As far as it achieving anything, I have my doubts. As an overweight child myself, I was constantly reminded and\or ridiculed about my weight problems and it simply led me straight to the nearest bucket ice cream I could find.
It wasn’t until I began eating properly and regularly exercising did I begin to lose the pounds.
With that being said, I would think that getting rid of the vending machines, the fried food served in the cafeteria, and promoting physical activity and healthy eating would have a helluva greater effect than telling the kid he or she is fat…or pleasantly plump