Father George Martinson 丁松筠 dies


My first memory of him was from his Giraffe English commercials on TV years and years ago. Then later on realized that he was a priest. Dedicated over half life to Taiwan.


Thanks for his service and dedication. Wish he could have received his national id like he wanted to.


Weird, I’ve always known him as “Father Jerry”, I wonder where that came from.
He’s started popping up again in the TV ads in the last 6 months or so, although it may be original footage.

It always struck me as rather odd that an ordained priest would be shilling for a private English buxiban.

Friggin Jebbies, go figure.


Father George Martinson was a Jesuit. Jesuits are ordained but live “normal lives.” That includes a normal occupation, such as being a teacher or even a for-profit company CEO. Most Jesuit priests however work as educators or researchers in universities as well as medical doctors.


But it looks like it was already a done deal. Happy to see that.

The National Immigration Agency had scheduled an event today for the conferral of a national identity card to Martinson at the Kuangchi Program Service Building. The event is to proceed as scheduled, but is to be changed to a commemoration ceremony.

The agency applied for Martinson to be naturalized after the amended Nationality Act (國籍法) took effect last year, which allows foreign nationals with outstanding contributions to Taiwan to be naturalized as a Republic of China citizens while retaining their original citizenship.


They better hurry. One may assume that foreigners who have given 50 years of their lives to service in Taiwan are not Spring chicken and may not last that long. So sorry he did not receive the ID in public, though.


I am trying to write a piece about teh guy and I have found him referred to both as George and Jerry. I am confused.


Like I said, friggin Jebbies.
Multiple names is just the tip of the iceberg when you’re dealing with the Loyolers, mi tia, trust me.
Don’t be surprised when you start stumbling across anything from Gold Standard manipulation to Guy Fawkes to excessive influence over the Ming emperors.

And don’t even get me started on the whole JFK business.


Probably too late but his full name was George Gerald Martinson, hence George and Jerry.

It’s not really a Jesuit conspiracy.:smile:


That’s exactly what they want you to think, man…


Thank you. Anyways, I stole it shamelesly from Taipei Times.:grin:


It’s not “stealing,” it’s “appropriation.” I do it all the time. :innocent: