Fatullah Attrition for the Aussies

Wow! In the Test match that has begun today between Bangladesh and a full-strength Australia in Fatullah, Bangladesh are 179-1 off 40 overs! Warne’s been hit for 47 off 8 overs, and Lee for 48 off 9.

Of course it won’t continue like this, and they’ll probably collapse to all out for 220, with the Aussies hitting 750-4 declared (Ponting scoring 300) and winning the match by an innings and several hundred. But it’s a wonderful scorecard to behold as it is now.

Go, Bangles! Jia you Nafees and Bashar!

Carn the Bangers! They beat us in a one-day match once, and now trying to repeat the dosage in the Test arena. They’re now 5/354 and still going at over 4 an over, so they’ve kept it going. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m an Aussie, but the Australian cricket team has had this coming for a while. Warne getting smacked around the park is always good. :smiley:

Just makes you wonder how bad were South Africa then in the recent test series… :astonished:

Minnows ambush wayward tourists

Ha ha ha! Makes me wonder if there are any Aussies that actually like the Oz cricket team. Love to see them copping a thrashing myself, and even better when they’ve given some team shit before hand. One of my favourite series was the one day finals in India when Sri Lanka won. That bowler the Aussies consistently called a chucker whipped their sorry arses. Brilliant!

Top game from a youthful and clearly upcoming Bangladeshi cricket team. :bravo:

And you are right Taipei Swan, it does make you question the South Africans.


Take a look at that scorecard now!

It reads: Bangladesh 427 all out; Australia 92-6.


Alright, alright . . . . :unamused:


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Alright, alright . . . . :unamused:


Well we lost to the Bangli’s in an ODI so why not a test match??

I bet the South Africans are feeling more embarrased than the Aussies… they got whitewashed heheheheh

It would be nice for BD to win a test against the Aussies… cause it won’t make a difference to the rankings except bangladesh will be ranlked higher than South Africa perhaps :astonished: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Did my little bit to rub that in today. :smiley:

Thanks Serial.


As a Pommie, I am obviously overjoyed at this current state of affairs down in Bangla. However, I must admit to worrying more about the rise of Bangladesh than the Aussies latest little wobble. It won’t be long before the Bangla’s are storming into Lords and demanding victory!! :astonished:

We Poms must savour it while it lasts, which surely won’t be for much longer. I’d bet my next month’s salary that, when play resumes on day three, Gilchrist will take the Bangladeshi bowling apart with a 6-laden ton, that Lee will also make a three-figure score (his maiden Test hundred?), and that the Aussies will score at least 350 and perhaps even get up to 400. They’ll then skittle out Bangladesh for not much over 100 the second time round, and cruise to victory with 7 or 8 wickets to spare.

But what’s happened thus far must have given the Bangladesh team a huge boost in confidence, and it’s certainly good for cricket. :bravo: The more competitive teams there are on the international stage, the better it’ll be for everyone who loves this wonderful game.

So Gilchrist has already made his inevitable hundred, which he has a good chance of turning into a double, though it’s Gillespie holding up the other end rather than Lee.