Favorite Breakfast Store Food!

What’s yours?

For me personally I am quite partial to a Han-Bau Dan… (hold the onions please)…

But I am also occasionally in the mood for a wei-yu yu-mi dan-bing… with chili sauce…

Wash that down with a nice cold do-jang (soy bean milk)…



[quote]wei-yu yu-mi dan-bing[/quote] what is it?

[quote]Han-Bau Dan[/quote] what is this?

Thx, :)!

First one Wei-Yu = Tuna

yu-mi = corn

dan-bing = egg roll (I think…)

Han-bau = hamburger

Dan = egg

Enjoy your breakfast store adventures…



Danbing aren’t really egg rolls. They’re like… fried-egg rolls, kind of.

My favorite breakfast from the little shops here has to be a bacon danbing, a hash brown, and a nice big cup of OJ. Although from the Yonghe Doujiang places I’m also quite partial to an egg shaobing and a cup of cold soymilk.

I pretty much only go for the tie ban mian 鐵板麵, otherwise something simple like toast and coffee. Something about grease in the morning that doesn’t appeal to me.

hmmmmmmmmm… greasy morning breakfasts are wonderful… of course you wouldn’t want it everyday…

My usual morning breakfast is granola, fruit, and yoghurt… but when I do go to the breakfast store, grease is the order of the day!



Sadly, I can’t eat that stuff on my current diet, but I used to have a weekend treat of a danbing with cheese (the cheese really makes it) and a vegetarian burger (with cheese and egg) for breakfast. I love it.

I’ve also always been at a loss as to what to call danbing in English. i usually say omeletty, crepey things.


I always liked re-gou chaodan (scrambled eggs with hot dog slices). And grabbing one of the packaged egg sandwiches with plenty of rou-si (shredded dried meat) for good measure.

i’ve gotten to like fan-tuan. dan bing are good as long as they rolled the dough out themselves. a few xiao-long-bao with hot sauce all over hit the spot too

I’m guilty of eating san ming zhi, dan bing, shui jao and han bao from breakfast shops.

Shrimp patty burger, hold the sauce. Shian1 Shia1 Rou4 Bao3
35 NT

Sometimes an extra turnip cake. Luo2 Buo2 Gao1
20 NT

On meatless days it’s just a fried egg sammich plus cheese and all the vegies, hold the “mayo” and sauce.
25 NT

Plus a big ice coffee. Da4 Bing1 Ka1
25 NT

I love those little breakfast shops. I wish they didn’t close shop so early.

2 Kirin stubbies, wake & bake & meet the new day.

I so need some of Waffle House here in Taipei.

Otherwise, Yonghe Dou Jiang rocks for me…

I think that classifies as torture and as such Cartman should be punished to the fullest extent of the law…

uuuhhhhhh… waffles… :smiley:



Oh yeah…

and Ru3 Luo4 Bing3 rocks the house



The breakfast of champions

抓餅加蛋 - drenched with “hot” sauce

巧克力厚片吐司 - chocolate toast

big cup of milk tea

can we have the first spelled out for us, please?

I plan on using this thread to order some things from the brekkie wtore that I have never ordered before… and as my reading of chinese characters isn’t the best…



First one is zhua1bing3 (or sometimes zhua1you2bing3) jia1 dan4. It’s some sort of onion cake-like object with an egg fried in it. My personal fave.

Number two on the list for me is a good old bei4gen4 dan4bing3, or bacon egg-cake/roll. I’m fairly picky about these those. I prefer them very dry, whereas many stores seem to serve them fairly greasy.

It took me a couple of weeks to find a breakfast place in my town that serves non-greasy danbing’s and that has the China Times so I can do the sudoku puzzles.

Sorry to interupt but Is there IHOP’s in Taiwan? :blush:

No. Freaky though, I wanted to ask that same question. :astonished: