Favorite hot spring resort in northern Taiwan?

My sister’s coming in the fall and I’d like to take her to a nice place. So far I’ve only been to 水都 (Shuidu) in Beitou. They had a nice variety of water massage facilities and different kinds of pools in their public area, but the setting is not so nice and it was a bit over-crowded. I’d like some place more quiet and with an attractive natural setting. Which places do y’all like?

Do you have access to a car?

If not, I would say Wulai, if you do I know of a few very good places in Xinzhu and Miaoli.

Yeah, I’ve got a car. Can you give us the names of those places?

If you’ve got a car, I recommend Tienlai on the back of Yangmingshan. It has a nice resort setting (next to the national park) and you can combine your visit with hiking in the YMS national park. I haven’t been back in a few years so you might want to call and get an update on the place.

Tienlai is very nice as are the resorts in Tai’an, Miaoli County (about 2 hours driving).

Also the resort near Shitoushan in Nanzhuang is great and with its all red brick and wood design looks very traditional (though in fact it is completely modern). I like this place a lot. It’s set on the bend of an undeveloped river. Great atmosphere.

The springs near Sanxia are good too and you can combine with a walk in Manyueyuan Forest Reserve, filled with waterfalls, beautiful forests, and monkeys.

The landis hotel in Yangminshan is my favorite by far. Japanese style hotel with a great restaurant, and outdoor pool / gym and a 15 minute walk (or 5 min bus) to the start of yangminshan mountain trails. It is pricey though…

Whispering Pines is a historical place - Japanese style again… They have a hot spring in your room, they serve food to your room (you have your own dining table), food is good and you are walking distance to the Beitou 'Hells (something - sorry, mind blank…) It is a hot spring lake where the steam is just rising from the lake. It is a little hard to find but only a 5 minute walk from the train station. This place is very reasonably priced and you can spend the afternoon walking around the Beitou park, outdoor hot springs flow into the river (you can watch everyone putting their feet in…). There is also a public hot spring bath in the park.

There is a place called SPARTY up north in Bali - it is right next (actually adjoining) a water park. It has scented hot springs, pools of different temperatures and scents, a bar, food court, all in all amazing. Pricey at about $10,000 from memory

The International Hotel in Yangminshan sucks. Food is gross and you feel like you have just entered a hospital…

Wulai - there are many places, take your pick. Spring Hotel has a famous French restaurant and is probably the most expensive, the Landis is right next door and is very nice with your own outdoor bathtub courtyard- you can look up at the sky. Wulai also has public hot springs on the river and a public sauna. If you bring a tshirt and shorts (wouldn’t advise ladies to wear a bikini), the locals love for you to join them. You can jump from the sauna to the hot springs, into the freezing river. At the top of the cable car at Wulai you also have a 70’s style amusement park. The German Beer Garden and the archery while semi-drunk makes the trip worthwhile…

I love hot springs, can you tell?

Tianlai’s nice (and you pay for that). And for a peaceful view be sure to stop in one of the two small tubs overlooking the valley. (I think they call them “lovers’ pools” or something like that.) They’re between the two main outside areas.

But you don’t need a car to get there. I took a coach bus to Tianlai a few months ago. You can catch it by the entrance to Mingchuan University, opposite Jiantan MRT station and a little bit north. It takes about an hour and costs around NT$120. And the section through Yangming Shan has nice views of the mountains.

Spring (I think that’s the name) in Xin Beitou, up the hill and near the end of the road through the park, isn’t bad. Again, a bit pricey. Tianlai’s selection of pools is much larger.

If you go to Xin Beitou, be sure to stop off at the library. If only lots more places in Taiwan had such architecture…


came across this nicely written blog about things in Taiwan. and this one had a write up about a luxury japanese hotspring hotel to be built in peitou. A bit I dont understand is what exactly are these 70 strong young taiwanese women supposed to provide in the way of “highly personalized service”. Are we talking about prostitution or just draw the gentlemans bath here? 24,000nt a nite at the cheapest?

remember when peitou had japanese style hotels with young taiwanese women providing highly personalized service? I was too young for that then but it was famous for such service for a long time.

There used to be a place (about 10 years ago) up Xin Beitou that was a restaurant/hot spring where you could pay for individual private baths. And the restaurant was great, had an outdoor patio so you could snack in the cool night air after a long session in the bath. Japanese style, I think, but could be wrong.

Ringing any bells?