Favorite Late Night Spot for Good Eats

It’s 2 am and you’re barely drowsy. You want a decent to good bowl of noodles/dumplings/chao fan that can be relied upon to not suck. The 24 hour Sushi Express ain’t gonna cut it.

Where would you go in Taipei?? This would include itinerant street vendors natch.

Ok I’ll start. For 100NT, I would get a long of xiao long bao at the 24 hour Yong He breakfast joint by the SYS Mem. Hall. Maybe 2 longs if I were really drunk. At that hour, their niuroumian and luo buo gao are decidedly subpar. You guys have probably covered this in depth already but I am here to learn.

Yong He Dou Jiang 24 Hour
No. 1, Lane 260, Guang Fu S. Road


21 Goose & Seafood, off Linsen Bei Lu by Minquan MRT. The usual 100NT-dish Taiwanese beer hall cuisine but done exceptionally well. The Lonely Planet book doesn’t lie, their gongbao jiding is probably the best I’ve had in Taiwan. They’re open until 4am.